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Ice fishing season in full swing

Fishermen, On Jan. 23-24, my friend Steve Speckert and I made the trek to McGregor Lake to sample some early ice mackinaw fishing. We weren’t disappointed. Between the two of us, we figured we hooked and landed near 80 lakers. Even the smallest would be considered decent fish by most standards. Recent observations by several lake trout fishermen indicate that a mixture of green chartreuse glow and white glow seemed to be the most effective lure.   In light of this, we used these mixtures of Glo Grub heads and Tube Jigs along with mac flies also in the two colors and were happy with the results.    Also, I used a 1/2-ounce all-glow 2-inch tube jig. It was slow...

School looks at renovation plans

POLSON — Trustees were eager to hear McKinstry’s Dan McGee’s results of a performance grade audit at Polson High School at the Feb. 11 school board meeting. With four components — roof construction, HVAC construction, building envelope and general conditions — the amount totaled...

Big Sky Kids Fit Club begins Big Sky Kids Fit Club begins

ST. IGNATIUS — With the advent of technology in America came a sedentary lifestyle filled with video games, television, couch potatoes and, at one point, Twinkies.  As the years went on, Americans got heavier as illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol st...

Save this house Save this house

It’s not on Pennsylvania Avenue, but the White house in Ronan is available — the George White house, that is. And all its charm is free. It’s a sturdy white farmhouse, reminiscent of a time when sheets billowed on the clothesline as children chased each other and the dog through the yard...

Formulas helpful when determining pasture value

A new grazing season is at our doorstep. Now is the time to be considering your pasture and rangeland values, whether you are grazing them yourself or leasing it out. We can predict the amount of grass a cow will eat in a day (cattle graze 3 percent of their body weight each day) and from this starting po...

Mack Days might be over Mack Days might be over

After a 12-year run, the twice-annual fishing event aimed at reducing Flathead Lake’s lake trout population and increasing the native bull and cutthroat trout populations may be coming to an end.  A statement on the Mack Days website reads, “The prospects for future contests will be deter...

Lawmakers ponder gun control proposals Lawmakers ponder gun control proposals

MISSION VALLEY — After the Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama and politicians from both sides of the aisle pledged new, stricter gun legislation to curb the tide of gun violence in America. Shortly after, gun and ammunition sales skyrocketed around the country in the face of a growing fear among citi...

Dixon murder suspect pleads not guilty

DIXON — Nathan Calvert,  the man prosecutors say attacked Dixon residents Doug and Cheryl Morigeau during a horrific home invasion Dec. 6, pleaded not guilty to several charges last week in Sanders County District Court.  Doug was killed in the attack, having been stabbed 54 times and beat...

Shots fired after hour-long chase

RONAN — A Ronan man tried to run over a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy last week, turning a routine traffic stop into an off-road pursuit that ended when the deputy shot out the fleeing truck’s tires.  According to a press release, a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy saw a pickup tru...

Post office changes with the times Post office changes with the times

MISSION VALLEY — The United States Postal Service is drastically changing how it does business, but according to Senior Public Relations Representative Darleen Reid-deMeo, these changes are necessary to ensure the American people will always have a post office. Last week, the USPS announced it will ...


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