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Authorities offer crime prevention tips

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News from the 

Ronan Police Department 

RONAN — Every city is subject to prowlers and burglars. Ronan is no different. Recently, Ronan has experienced an increase in theft from citizen’s vehicles and from inside /outside of citizen’s residence, day and night. 

Almost all of thee were preventable with some easy steps that we should all follow.

Keep in mind, crimes of opportunity are crimes that are the easiest to prevent. 

Lock your vehicle’s doors at all times and do not leave anything of value in your vehicle. 

Lock your house windows and doors at all times. All exterior doors should have deadbolts installed. Doors without deadbolts are easier to pry open, one way or another. 

Keep bicycles, four-wheelers, barbecues, boats, generators, etc., locked in your garage/shed if possible. Also record the serial numbers. If you have a fenced yard, lock the gates. 

Record the serial numbers of your camera, computers, TV, DVD and BluRay players, iPad, firearms, etc. Keep the serial numbers in a safe place so that if something is stolen, law enforcement has a greater chance of recovering these items and getting them back to you. 

Medications should be kept in a lock box to prevent children from getting into them and to keep burglars from stealing them. 

Montana citizens are known for having many firearms — consider purchasing a gun safe, property mounting it to the floor/wall and keep your firearms, small electronics, jewelry, papers, money and medications locked in it always. 

Keep the bushes and trees around your property trimmed and cut back to prevent prowlers from hiding while they take inventory of things to steal from your property. 

Keep window curtains/blinds closed so that prowlers cannot easily look through your windows to see what you have or to see if you’re home/gone. 

If you see someone looking through windows, in people’s yards where they don’t belong, or in people’s vehicles late at night, call Lake County Dispatch and report it as soon as possible to (406) 883-7301. 

If we work together, we can crack down on crime. 

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