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Community-minded students clean up trash

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ST. IGNATIUS – It could be a problem if no one ever picked up the trash along the highway.

“We’d be knee deep in garbage,” said Daisie VandenBos, Mission High School student.

On Sunday, fourteen students put on reflective vests and gloves to clean up a two-mile stretch of highway between mile markers 33 and 35 in an effort to keep the trash from piling up. Daisie is the president of the student lead group – Students Serving Community – that organized the project.

“We want to help make our community better,” she said.

Teacher Sara Keast supervises the group.

“The students plan different projects and make them happen,” Keast said. “The highway department contacted us three years ago after a senior that adopted a portion of the highway graduated. The group wanted to continue the project.”

Sophomore Benton Adams collected large pieces of broken glass with a gloved hand during the cleanup. He empathized with the owners of the garbage.

“Sometimes it’s not intentional,” he said of people who lose garbage on the side of the highway. “Things just fall out.”

Sophomore Megan Weider had less sympathy.

“It’s not that hard to put garbage in a trashcan,” she said. “People need to pick up their garbage and make the world healthier because we can’t just get a new one.” 

As they walked the sides of the highway, the group filled 20 large industrial size garbage bags with cans, tire pieces, food wrappers, an old book, signs, paper and twenty five cents. They plan to continue doing other projects throughout the year.Community-minded students clean up trash

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