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Donate big game for hungry Montanans

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Montana Foodbank Network

A Montana law passed during the 2013 state session allows individuals to make a contribution that will help nonprofit groups process donated wild game for free distribution by Montana Food Bank Network to help feed people in need, according to Ron Aasheim, spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Helena. 

Hunters who legally harvest big game during the hunting season can donate the meat to feed hungry Montanans. There will be no cost or processing fees for the donated meat. Only legally harvested or confiscated big game animals can be donated (deer, elk, antelope, moose and wild buffalo). No road kill can be donated. Simply deliver the big game to the nearest participating meat processor (listed below). The ground venison will then be distributed to Montanans in need through Montana Food Bank Network’s partner agencies.

If a hunter desires to retain the trophy (head and antlers) and/or part of the meat, the meat processor will take a photocopy of the carcass tag to remain with the donated meat. The original license stays with the hunter’s meat and/or trophy. The carcass tag or a copy of the carcass tag for each animal processed must be kept by the meat processor for inspection by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

To help with processing charges, anyone purchasing a Montana hunting license has the opportunity to make an on-the-spot donation to Hunters Against Hunger.

For more informationa, contact Jeff Gutierrez at the Montana Food Bank Network, (406) 721-3825 ext. 232.

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