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It's heartening to see healthy discussion

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Calling All Conservatives met on March 9 in Ronan and are now calling themselves Citizens Acting for Liberty. Why the name change? Nobody explained, leaving some to surmise there was a break away from Mona Docteur and her CAC followers.

Perhaps the reason is related to the emotionally charged musical video, "Born Again Americans" which opened the meeting, followed by, "Did that hit something down deep in your heart?" The comment was drawled by our host who said he's from the deep south, not even a local.

How does he relate to those of us who are trying to decide what kind of community we want? Do we want folks walking down main street with their weapons displayed on their person, as many from the extreme right have been doing at public meetings lately? With the level of alcoholism and anger management problems prevalent in our community, the last thing I want to see are guns in the mix.

The John Birch Society spokesman who addressed the CAL talked about "Exposing the Enemies of Freedom," followed by a photo array of President Barak Obama, Osama bin Laden, George Bush, Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi. Where do his sympathies lie? Kind of confusing.

However, I do want to commend the Citizens Acting for Liberty for their mission statement to "exist to educate and empower citizens by providing them with the information and tools necessary to understand, actively participate in, and take ownership of their responsibilities as a citizen..."

Be careful which materials you pick up at their break out groups. Pay attention to who published the pamphlets and who runs the Web sites they direct you to for your research. In closing, it is heartening indeed to see so much controversy and discussion going on in our community. Go, Americans, Go!

Sheila M. Bell


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