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Charlo Schools to receive security cameras

CHARLO – Would-be Charlo vandals, beware. The school board voted Nov. 18 to install a small fleet of security cameras to deter on-campus crime.

Five outdoor and six indoor cameras will be installed on campus for just under $4,000 and will include features that allow administrators to see a live-feed of events happening around the school. The system also has rewind capabilities that will let school officials look over the tapes and make copies if law enforcement requests them. 

Principal Steve Love sees many instances in which the cameras will be helpful. 

“There’s always something written, chipped or broken,” Love said. “I’d call it minor, but it builds up. There’s always little stuff on the walls, on a weekly, daily basis. There’s always graffiti that the janitors have to paint over or clean … I’d love to have them in tomorrow. There’s so much that happens in the hallways. If you go with these, you can go back and if something is stolen from a classroom you can pull up the footage and say ‘These are the only two kids that are in that room.’” 

Love said video footage could also verify instances of bullying in the hallways that otherwise might boil down to a “he-said, she-said” situation. 

“You can bring it up and look at it and say ‘Yep, you are right here doing it,’” Love said. 

School Board Trustee LaDonna Fryberger was supportive of the measure. 

“If we’ve got the funds I think we should do it,” Fryberger said. 

Superintendent Thom Peck said the school’s security system provider recommended cameras as the best deterrent for vandalism and break-ins for schools.

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