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Private health insurance causes tax burden

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The health care problems in America spark a passionate debate with no easy solutions. Finding a solution that ensures everyone and is cost effective is a goal we must achieve. It is vital to the health and security of us all and a financial must to balancing the budget.

Health insurance companies are for-profit businesses; they are in the business to make as much money as possible. Their profits are huge even in this economic downturn. Insurance prices are based upon risk factors like age, weight and medical conditions. Huge numbers of Americans are turned away from private health insurance because they are classified as too risky at any price. Others simply can’t afford it or they will not cover their medical condition.

We need a health care system that does not unfairly burden the tax payers with those that cost the most. Medicare is a good program that was initiated to insure people age 65 and older and people who are disabled because insurance companies refused to cover them. The American tax payers pick up the tab for this and we pick up the tab for VA medicine and for people on Medicaid who are too poor to afford health insurance. We need these programs, but it is no surprise why the Medicare system is in financial trouble now. Where are all the healthy, working people’s insurance dollars going? Those health care dollars go to insurance company profits. Private health insurance companies are not helping the majority of people with health care needs in this country now and they all too often deny us access when we are not profitable to them. This is an unfair burden to us, the working class tax payers of America. We need change.

I want my health care dollars to go to the insurance company or to the entitlement program that will stand by me and provide my medical expenses when I am sick and old, disabled or just too damn poor to afford health insurance anymore. I support the public option and I support real health care reform now.

Lee Wallace

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