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Let's clean it up

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Every year when the buttercups start blooming, the pussy willows bud out, the crocus peep their heads out, and the young calves start dotting the landscape, one believes we live in the most beautiful part of the world.
That is until you drive the highways, the back roads, even your own driveway and notice the garbage dumped, blown in and litter just everywhere. The annual Buttercup Run is coming up on Saturday, March 27 and it would be the greatest gift to all those guests, runners and even the residents to have our highways and byways litter free.
I would like to challenge all the Jocko Valley residents (and even those passing through) to help with highway cleanup. There are people who have signed up for a two-mile stretch and residents who live near the highway. Please help keep our valley, the best little secret on U.S. Highway 93, clean and beautiful for those passing through, but most especially for all of us who drive it every day.
Wouldn't it be much nicer to see clean grasses growing, with maybe an animal or two peeking out rather than white plastic bags, beer cans, pop cups, and other litter strewn about? There are travelers up and down U.S. Highway 93 who have stated it amazes them at the sunshine, the clear skies and beauty they see when they come out of Ravalli going south, or heading north on Evaro seeing Grey Wolf Peaks and the valley all at once.
So wonderful residents of Jocko Valley, let's do something to show our love of this country, this valley that we live in. Let's clean it up one paper, one pop can and one bag of trash at a time.
Anne Stewart

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