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Quarry work benefits the shoreline


As a non-tribal member I am (I hope) making a respectful reply to Amlu Caye's letter, per the Chief Cliff "mine." This letter is also directed to others of our local tribes members. No disrespect is intended by me for my lack understanding of tribal lore or beliefs.

Amlu, having read your letter and trying as a non-tribal member to understand the hurt you feel in your heart pertaining to the rock quarrying going on, weather permitting high up at the foot of Chief Cliff near Elmo, I'm at a loss to feel much empathy for your ability to now have deep grief or the hurt you speak of in your heart over seeing "mining" going on way up there above the highway. 

Are you speaking possibly as you've seen the quarry from an airplane window as you fly over? The quarry is well away from the foot of Chief Cliff itself. 

Understand please, I have no knowledge as to the ownership of that quarry, none there are friends of mine. I want to read some common sense into your complaint, but so far I find none. As to the legend of Chief Cliff, I've heard about the little maiden who supposedly looks out from on high over the lake. Many times in going by I have yet to see her definable image up there. It just looks like rocks to me that I'm sure during the ice ages took a tremendous amount of abuse and no small amount of re-alignment. 

One thing that needs to be said here is that all over this south lake area (and maybe further) it's well known that the cubical rock from up there is going to very good use in shoring up the shorelines from erosions due to wave action during storms. Some recent work being done near us here within the Polson city limits ... as a permanent barrier to keep dirt from washing down into Flathead Lake with regularity. 

Frankly, and I'm sure I'm speaking for many, I hope the hurt in your heart eases, and you are able to find more peace with the inevitable progress going on in this area. Please consider taking up your issues with the tribal shoreline protection office in Polson. It's my bet that those people familiar to me will have only good things to say about that quarry, the way they are conducting what they do up there to better not only the lakeshore erosions but also other nearby community works that curb erosion and just look very good to the eye. 

Please let your heart not be troubled Amlu — some progress is a darn good thing for us all around here.

Will Elliott


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