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Lake County District Court news for Feb. 25, 2010

Judge Deborah K. Christopher dealt with the following cases on Feb. 18:

Robert John Templer, 40, of Ronan, pleaded not guilty to felonies driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, operation of noncommercial vehicle by person with alcohol concentration of .08% and misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked.

An omnibus hearing is set for Thursday, March 18 at 9 a.m.

According to court records, the charges stem from an incident on Jan. 1 when a Flathead Tribal Police Officer came across a pickup parked along the side of the road at the intersection of U.S. Highway 93 and Post Creek Road. The pickup was running and parked in such a way that interfered with traffic.

A male, identified as Templer was inside, asleep. The officer had to knock several times before he awoke. Templer stated that he was fine and was just talking to a girl outside of his vehicle. The officer had not seen anyone near the pickup.

While speaking with Templer, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from within the vehicle and he admitted to drinking, according to court records. During the one-legged-stand sobriety test, he lost his balance and put his foot down several times. Record indicate his breath test resulted in a BAC of .167%

A Sheriff’s deputy arrested Templer and during booking at the jail, he provided a breath sample which registered a BAC of .152% A records check showed that Templer’s license to drive had been suspended and that he has three prior DUI convictions.

Brent Authur Wilson, of Polson, pleaded not guilty to felonies theft, burglary, deceptive practices, tampering with public records or information and misdemeanors criminal mischief, false swearing, and criminal trespass.

An omnibus hearing is set for Thursday, March 18 at 9 a.m.

According to court records, a Lake County Real Estate Agent reported that one of his listings, a house located at 2948 Meadow Lane in Polson, had been tampered with as the locks had been changed and there was a notice posted stating that the property was foreclosed upon on Aug. 7, 2009 and the Real Estate Agent’s for sale signs had been removed. The value of the signs were between $200-$400 and the lock replacement was around $300.

The owner of the home had defaulted on her payments and First American Title became her successor in interest. The title company had sold the property at auction for $385,131.42 to Federal Home Loan Corp. on July 16, 2009.

According to court documents, on Aug 7, 2009, Wilson went to the Lake County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and recorded a number of documents that were fraudulent.

The first, “title to land” document purports to identity Wilson as the owner of the home. The notary did not meet requirements meeting the name, expirations or location of the notary and the signature was illegible.

The title to the land was signed by Wilson, transferring the property to Wilson “forever, or until the return of yashua messiah, ah-mein.”

The second document filed was a “Notice of Removal/Actual and constructive Notice” that referenced the trustee’s deed drawn and executed by First American Title Company which orders all agents and trustees to “cease and desist any further actions through said appointments granted from Record #500093, dated the 20th of July, 2009.”

According to the quitclaim deed filed by Wilson, “Phyllis L. Walker, does hereby remise, release, grant, and forever quitclaim to: Brent A. Wilson the property located at 2948 Meadow Road, Polson.” There is no evidence that Phyllis L. Walker ever owned an interest in this property.

Another document filed by Wilson stated that he is an authorized representative of the United States government and orders “the custodian to close the account and to return all property to the defendant, along with any interest accruing which remains after the deduction of any fees owned to Federal Home Loan Mortgage.”

According to court records, there is no indication that Wilson is an officer for the U.S. government or that he has any legal interest in the property.

Wilson also has attempted to use the property as collateral for a loan from Create Finance in Missoula.

Wilson does not want legal representation, and bail is set at $100,000.


David Matthew Crumley Jr., 28, of Ronan, had his sentence revoked for two counts of felony aggravated assault. He was sentenced to the Montana State Prison for 20 years with 15 years suspended on the first count and to 20 years with 15 years suspended on the second count. Sentencing is to run consecutively.

According to court records, Crumley violated his parole by failing to report to his probation officer and by consuming alcohol.

David Matthew Crumley Jr., 28, of Ronan, was found guilty of felony negligent endangerment. He was sentenced to the Lake County Jail for one year with all suspended except for time served to run concurrent to sentencing for two counts of felony aggravated assault. He was also fined $500, plus mandatory surcharges and ordered to pay restitution for the pepper spray used on an officer.

According to court records, Crumley was recognized by an officer of the Ronan Police Department as having an active warrant for arrest while the officer was assisting with a traffic stop on Highway 93. Crumley was driving a minivan toward Timberlane Road and was followed until it stopped by a nearby auto body shop. When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver was gone, but noticed him come from behind the body shop with a Tribal officer who told tried to place Crumley under arrest.
He used pepper spray on the officers and then ran back toward the minivan and drove away in speeds in excess of 90 mph. Crumley then exited the minivan near a wooded area and was eventually apprehended by the officers.
Judge C.B. McNeil dealt with the following cases on Feb. 17:
Mitchell Hall, 25, of Kalispell, pleaded guilty to felony burglary and misdemeanor theft. He was found guilty and will receive a deferred imposition of sentence for six years for burglary and was sentenced to six months in jail with all suspended for theft and the sentencing will run concurrently. According to the plea agreement, Hall is to serve 22 days in jail with credit for time served.
According to court records, the charges stem from an April 7, 2009 incident when dispatch received a burglary report on Skidoo Lane near Polson. An officer responded and observed a broken window and that the front door was open. Inside, closets and dressers were open and things were strewn on the floor.
The owners of the home identified that several things were missing to including firearms and a box of silverware, both worth more that $1,000.
Six days later, the owners identified nine of their missing firearms at the Jolly Pack Rat. The firearms were pawned by Hall and another person who stated to the employee of the pawn shop that they got the guns from Hall’s grandfather who had passed away.
The silverware was found at a pawn shop in Kalispell, and was pawned by a female who was identified to be with the two men when they pawned the guns in Polson. The female was charged with felony theft by complaint and on May 14, had turned herself in and agreed to an interview with a Lake County Detective.
She stated that she drove the two males to the cabin and said they took some DVDs, video games and a large container of quarters worth about $90, and she admitted to pawing the items.
A few days later, she drove the two males back to the cabin and they took several guns, spotting scope, saw, and a box of silverware. She admitted to pawing the silverware, saw and scope and said the two males pawned the guns.
On April 22, dispatch received a burglary report of another home on Skidoo Lane, just two cabins down from the previous one. The officer that arrived on scene found a window with a cut screen. Inside, items identified from the first cabin were found in this one including food that was scattered about, partially consumed liquor bottles, ammunition, coins and homemade pottery.
Bryan Healy, 19, of Polson, admitted to felony burglary. He was found guilty and sentencing is set for Wednesday, March 31 at 9 a.m.
According to the plea agreement, Healy will receive a deferred sentence for a period of three years and will serve 14 days in jail with credit for time served, and was ordered to pay restitution of $611 and fined $360.
According to court records, the charge stems from a Jan. 13 incident when a boy’s father called 911 to report a burglary.
The son stated that after he came home from school, he discovered that the door to the garage was open, and a flat screen TV, XBox and several games were missing.
Serial numbers were provided and the TV was worth more than $1,000.
Two days later, the boy received a tip from a friend at school that someone had bought a new TV from Cote Wheeler, but didn’t know that it was stolen.
The next day, Bryan Healy and Cheyenne Morton returned the TV to the owners. In an interview with, he told the detective that he drove to the residence with Morton’s older brother and admitted to taking the games and XBox and took them to an apartment. The stolen items were later found during a search of the apartment.
Marilyn Rose Adams, 55, of Polson, pleaded guilty to felony driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fourth offense. She was found guilty and sentencing is set for Wednesday, April 14 at 9 a.m.
According to the plea agreement, Adams will be committed to the Department of Corrections for 10 years with four years suspended 
According to court records, the charges stem from a Nov. 5, 2009 incident when a Tribal Officer pulled over a blue Dodge Caravan that crossed the center line in a road in Lake County.
When a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy took over the investigation, he noticed that Adams had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, very slurred speech, and bloodshot and glassy eyes.
Adams had trouble keeping her balance as she was asked to step out of the car to perform sobriety tests. She refused to perform any tests and stated that she was under the influence of alcohol.
She was transferred to Tribal Offices where she further refused all field sobriety testing but agreed to a breath sample. Adams BAC registered at .255%.




















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