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Aquatics center has superb vision statement

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On Jan. 9, I sat with six other people in Teggeman's home in our South Hills community listening to an inspiring and professional presentation on the Mission Valley Aquatic Center "Make a Splash, Change a Life," planned by Project Director, Tana Seeley.

Without going into the details so thoroughly covered verbally by Tana and in the well developed packet of materials on this approximately $7.4 million project, my purpose in this letter is to just be one citizen voice, through the media, to encourage public awareness and increased knowledge for this most wonderfully conceptualized and needed project. And, of course, to encourage monetary donations.

Prior to the presentation, I must admit I knew very little about the Mission Valley Aquatic Center. I did not even have much real interest in it, actually. But like so many very beneficial things in life that have simply passed me by through my rather lazy attitude towards such things, I found myself really getting excited about the possibility of our beautiful Mission Valley actually having this marvelous facility.

MVA has an impressive Board of Directors; has identified a definite need; has brought on just the right consultants; and is moving this magnificent project forward in a very well orchestrated manner.

I thought the "One Vision" statement superb: "We have a vision. We see every child in the Mission Valley having the chance to learn how to swim. We see every family enjoying the opportunity to grow strong together in spirit, mind, and body. We see a healthy community with an improved quality of life."

Now, I realize, I am often 'behind the curve' on things like this, but I felt the need to begin my own little grass-roots effort with this letter encouraging all of us in this valley to become informed on this and provide whatever support we can.

And the value, presently, of these one-on-one small gatherings is a brilliant and effective marketing tool. I urge you to call the Mission Valley Aquatics, "A Pool for the Valley" at 883-4567, talk with Tana, or whomever answers, and be a part of this important community project. You can also e-mail them at: or visit their Web site:

Bob McClellan



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