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We must unite for survival


As President of the Lake County Republican Women’s Club, I have tried to plug into the different conservative groups that threaten to divide a united effort to overcome the socialist juggernaut in control in Washington.

There is far more that unites us than divides us. Historically, conservatism and adherence to the Constitution have been hallmarks of the Republican Party. The GOP must strengthen those basic principles or lose to the socialist movement forever. The GOP and other conservative groups should be able to march shoulder to shoulder under the GOP tent on domestic issues. Regarding foreign policy the leaders of these splinter groups, who accuse the Republicans as being as bad as the Democrats, have a very dangerous isolationist position.

When we live in a world where there are fanatics determined to destroy us to the extent of blowing up themselves, we have to develop policies to protect our country and citizens.

I would caution those who bash the Republicans and follow other conservative parties or leaders to look at the whole picture realistically and consider the foreign as well as the domestic agenda of those leaders.

Recently Greta Van Susteren introduced a winner in a recent election as a Tea Party candidate from Long Island. He stated that Tea Party is not a party but is a movement. He ran as a “proud Republican” but organized one of the four tea parties that had been held on Long Island. He explained very well that the tea party movement encompasses all the principles of the Republican Party, including smaller government, fiscal and personal responsibility, and accountability of elected officials.

He pointed out that Republicans are very supportive of the tea party movement. It is Democrats that denounce it. He cited that tea party participants are Republicans, Independents, and those recognizing they made a mistake in voting for our current president.

Those who oppose a socialist system of government control must unite into one party. Splintered we will continue with Pelosi/Reid leadership enslaving all of us to a socialist regime.

You have local opportunities for developing awareness and knowledge of what is going on in Washington by filing to run in the spring primary to serve as a precinct committeeman or woman on the county Republican Central Committee or joining the Lake County Pachyderm Club which meets the second and fourth Friday of the month or the Lake County Republican Women’s Club with information on

Mimi Milheim

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