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Self-defense class well received

News from Mission Valley Christian Academy

POLSON — The Lake County Sheriff’s department provided a two-week self-defense class that just concluded at the Mission Valley Christian Academy this last Thursday. Officer Levi Read worked with the dozen high school girls and demonstrated basic skills for escaping and surviving various scenarios. Although the primary objective was to flee the dangerous situation, the girls practiced a number of techniques to disable or deter possible attackers. Yelling to be left alone, striking and other physical reactions were demonstrated and practiced.

“Although we choose not to live in fear, we appreciated Officer Read’s proactive approach to find ways to survive dangerous situations,” MVCA Director Chris Bumgarner said. “The girls really enjoyed Officer Read’s demeanor and sense of humor. They seemed to grow in self confidence and were encouraged by the ways they were taught to defend themselves. Our hope is that they never need to use these skills but they now better understand possible ways to remove themselves from a violent encounter. We deeply appreciate this opportunity. These kind of connections between schools and the Sheriff’s department help to provide valuable cooperation and collaboration in our community.” 

The class was so well received that the staff of MVCA has asked Sheriff Don Bell if they could do a training as well in February. More information is available by contacting the Lake County Sheriff’s office.

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