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Bulldogs rule mats at home

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ST. IGNATIUS – The Bulldogs madeø the crowd scream on their  home turf after hosting a couple of meets this past week. 

After picking up a Divisional victory last season and Bulldogs capturing quick pins thus far, the Mission-Charlo team is looking to reclaim the throne and maybe send a few to compete for State hardware.

“Our goal every year is to go in there and compete for a Divisional title,” Head Coach Lyle Cronk said. “A lot of things have to fall in place in order to win a Divisional title, so we focus on the preparation to go in there and compete, not the pressure of it; (we want) everybody to be excited to compete and to be in top shape to compete.”

Showing “top shape” on the mats in the last couple of meets are Bulldog grapplers Jamie Mullins, Trent Dennison, Ethan Goss-Dickie and Steven Bravo.

“We have two kids, Jamie and Ethan,who are at this point top seeds in the division,” Cronk said. “Of course everyone else on the team is trying to crack in there and are looking to place in the top four. They are all working hard to accomplish that.”

At Friday’s meet while hosting Bigfork, Mullins (132), Dennison (162), Bravo (205), Andy Hohenauer (160), Jay Wadsworth (145), Israel Umphrey (152) Kyle Couture (160), and Troy Mitchell (138) all came away with wins against the Vikings. 

Umphrey posted the fastest pin with his opponent only lasting 0:18 against the Bulldog. Dennison flattened his opponent in 0:35.

At the tournament hosted by Mission on Saturday, 11 teams competed, including Polson and Arlee.

In the round-robin style, four Bulldogs placed first while two second-place finishers and one Bulldog grabbed a bronze.

Mullins (5-0), Dennison (5-0), Bravo (5-0) and Goss-Dickie (4-0) all came away with a first place finish. Silver went to Gus Bosley (170) who went 3-1 for the tourney and Emilio Bravo also found a 3-1 finish for second. Umphrey went 3-2 for third.

Arlee and Polson also competed at the Mission hosted event with Warrior Alex Bertollt (170), TJ Knoll (120) and Kyler Clinkenbeard (152) each placing first in their weight class. Bertollt went 4-0, Knoll also knocked down a perfect 4-0 and Clinkenbeard grabbed the gold at 3-0. Daniel Dunlop (145) placed third.

For the Pirates Cameron Brown (113) went 5-0 to place first along with Mike Corrigan (205), Noah Humphrey (160) and Thunder Morales (126) who all went undefeated going 4-0. Mateo Quinones (103), Jaben Wenzel (132) and Parker Adler (120) placed second for the Pirates.

“This weekend was a great weekend. I thought we wrestled pretty well,” Cronk said. “We had a good tournament; it was a community event as far as the folks that helped out and the parents. For all the schools that showed up it was a pretty positive event with good feedback on the format.”

With the Divisional tourney just around the corner in Eureka on Feb. 7, the Bulldogs are preparing their brawn to place high and bring home another trophy.

The Bulldogs are gearing up to hit the road and travel to Thompson Falls Thursday and then on to the Savage Horseman tourney in Hot Springs Saturday.

Arlee will host a Mixer Saturday which will also be Senior Night for the Warriors and Polson will head to Frenchtown Thursday then return to host a meet Saturday. 


103 - Kaleb Frank (TF) 2-0, Mateo Quinones (POL)1-1, Daniel Uli (PHS) 0-2

113A - Peyton Irvine (TF), Cameron Brown (POL)5-0, Kyle Gordon (BS)4-1,Shayne Pierre POL 3-2,Castor Conley (BF)2-3, Bailey Weible (MC) 0-5

113B - Ed Green (TF) 3-0, Virginia Brunner(BS) 2-1, Terrence Caldwell (PHS) 1-2, Danny Helmer (MC) 0-3

120A - Zach Durden (EUR) 3-0, Parker Adler(POL)3-1, Kahden Bakkila (EUR) 2-1,Cody Garrison (TF) 1-3,Ryan Rowe (BS) 0-4

120B - TJ Knoll (ARL) 4-0, Connor Meyer (BF) 3-1 Kyle May (BS) 2-2, Jadon Tipps (STV) 1-4, Austin Stafford (PHS) 0-4

126 - Thunder Morales (POL) 4-0, Bryce Henning (PHS) 3-1, Bridger Deschamps (FC) 2-2, Garett Prince (FC) 1-3, Nevaeh Evered (BS) 0-4

132A - Jamie Mullins (MC) 4-0, Jaben Wenzel (POL) 3-1, Sam Ostwald (TF) 2-2, Sean Provost (FCD) 1-3, Jaden Maki (BS) 0-4

132B - Luke Lile (PHS) 3-0, Carson Smith (BS) 2-1, Keaton O’Connor (BF) 1-2, John Moore (POL) 0-3

138A - Jake Lile (PHS) 4-0, Josh Brunner (BS) 2-2, Jase Sorenson (TF) 2-2, Rhett Burland (POL) 1-3,

Skylar Knutson (POL) 1-3

138B - James Detienne (PHS) 4-0, Stormy Kipp (BS) 4-1, McCallum Landt (TF) 3-1, Jacob Young (TF) 2-2, Ammon Simmons (STV) 0-4, Troy Mitchell MC 0-4

145A - Russell Kujala (PHS) 5-0, Tony Bergerson (FCD) 4-1, Daniel Dunlop (ARL) 3-2, Alex Helgeson (POL) 1-4, Josh Schmidt (EUR) 1-3, Weston Stover (TF) 0-3

145B - Alex Chrichton (TF) 3-0, Jay Wadsworth (MC) 2-1, Jared Leisz (NOX) 1-2, Thomas Beers (BS) 0-3

152A - Trent Dennison (MC) 5-0, Logan Goodwin (PHS) 3-2, Israel Umphrey (MC) 3-2, Colton Bray (TF) 3-2, George Shick (ARL) 1-4, Colton Cote (POL) 0-4

152B - Kyler Clinkenbeard (ARL) 3-0, Garrett Graves (EUR) 2-1, Josh MeGowen (TF) 1-2, Stephen Ostberg (POL) 0-3

160A - Luke Crowe (NOX) 4-0, Kyle Milner (TF) 3-1, Colby Hammack (EUR) 2-2, Kyle Couture (MC) 1-3, Mason Griffin (STV) 0-4

160B - Noah Humphrey (POL) 4-0, Jacob Jarrell (FC) 3-1, Andy Hohenauer (MC) 2-2, Noah Vanquekelberg (BF) 1-3, Shade Stevens (MC) 0-4

170 - Alex Bertollt (ARL) 4-0, Gus Bosley (MC) 3-1, Tele Seemann (POL) 2-2, Austin Cooper (TF) 1-3, Kelly Toney (BS) 0-4

182 - Steven Bravo (MC) 5-0, Alan Chojnacky (NOX) 4-1, Shawn Cassidy (STV) 2-2, Taylor Barker-Thomas (TF) 2-3, Chase Krone (STV) 0-3, Anthony Byrns (PHS) 0-4

205 - Mike Corrigan (POL) 4-0, Vinny Quirk (BF) 1-3, Kordale Behner (STV) 2-2, Sam Johnson (EUR) 1-3

Chris Anderson (MC) 0-4

285 - Ethan Goss-Dickie (MC) 4-0, Emilio Bravo (MC) 3-1, Isaiah Williams (POL) 1-3, Tyler Woods (STV) 1-2, Dallas Bragg (STV) 0-3


*No results reported for Ronan this week.

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