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Sports - All Arlee

Scarlets three-peat district champs, Warriors victorious as 14C basketball rumbles Pablo for District crowns

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With cheers and jeers, heartbreak and celebration, 14 teams of boys and girls placed their feet on the courts at Salish Kootenai College’s Joe McDonald Center and Two Eagle River’s gym over the weekend. Each team competed with their whole heart and soul to grab a top spot that would ensure them the possibility to continue on to Divisionals. Four teams received that golden ticket; two teams will still have to compete for their chance, and the rest will lay their court sneakers to rest as the season ends for those who did not qualify.

In the end, Arlee High School stood tall as both the boys and girls teams clinched District titles.


Two Eagle River faced a tough weekend of the blues as both the Eagles and the Lady Eagles went two and out for the tournament.

The Lady Eagles opened the tournament Thursday as the fifth seed with a contest against fourth seeded St. Regis.

After a slow first frame with only three points scored between the two teams and the Lady Eagles leading by a single point, Two Eagle River took a hard right hook to the cheek when the second quarter saw St. Regis dump 22 big ones in the basket. 

Unable to recover from the blow, the Lady Eagles fell 25-38 in game one, pushing them into the consolation bracket.

Lady Eagle Tyra Michel led her team under the net, logging nine.

While the Lady Eagles were able to enjoy a day off on Friday, sleeping in was not an option as they were slated to play the 9 a.m. game Saturday.

With one more shot to keep them alive in the consolation bracket, the Lady Eagles challenged Superior.

Facing a second quarter upset once again, the Lady Eagles fell behind after a good run in the first, with each quarter after declining into the end of the line for the Lady Eagles.

Fouls plagued the Lady Eagles’ club and Superior capped in on the opportunity to rack up extra points, pushing Two Eagle River to the 28-65 loss. Superior would go on to place third in the tournament.

Michel once again netted the most for the Lady Eagles with eight.

The Lady Eagles finish up their season with an overall record of 6-14.

Despite the heartbreak, Lady Eagle Casadi Wunderlich had something to keep her chin up for as she placed second in the District in season points scored. She netted 258 points overall averaging 14.3 points per game after 18 games played.

For the boys it wasn’t so cut and dry as the Eagles played fierce ball in both games on the District hardwood, though the outcome was not in their favor.

In game one the Eagles had the tough luck of challenging the Charlo Vikings, who have proven to be trouble for the Eagles throughout the season. The Eagles once again were left with a sore spot having to play a game of catch up that ended in the 41-59 loss.

Eagle Alex Quequesah led the Eagles, netting 13 while Eugene Parker added 12. Quequesah represents his team in the league, posting 178 total points in his 11 regular season games, averaging 16.2 per game.

Game two brought the Eagles to their home floor Saturday as they hosted Hot Springs for some loser-out action.

In a high-energy fueled first half, the Eagles gave Hot Springs a run for their money, walking off the court at half time tied at 23. But a slow third quarter proved to be the demise of the fighting club, resulting in a second-round knockout that ended the Eagles’ season with the 44-59 loss.

Quequesah summed up his season with a game high 24 points, outscoring both teams on the court. Parker chipped in 12.

The Eagles finished up at 7-13 for the season.

The hunt for redemption

Charlo’s path through the turbulence of District play was not so easily marked with both teams facing trials and tribulations along the way.

Though the Lady Vikings found early success, picking up their first two wins with ease, a third game proved problematic as they met up with one of the Lady Vikings biggest hurdles – the Arlee Scarlets. The two valley teams were split at 1-1 going into the tournament.

Game one for the Lady Vikings was a breeze as they steamrolled over seventh seeded Hot Springs, 57-19.

The Lady Viking defense was in full force, creating a wall around the basket and never allowing the Lady Savage Heat to toss in more than a single digit in each frame while eight Charlo scorers punched numbers in the book.

Led by Shayna Nagy’s 12, a trio of Charlo shooters netted in the double range, including Ashley Tryon and Sienna Brown with 10 points apiece.

Friday the Lady Vikings continued on their victory run as they blasted by Superior, 40-28, launching Charlo into the championship game.

Though Superior’s Lady Bobcats rallied to win the fourth frame, it wasn’t enough to overcome Charlo’s comfortable lead behind the Lady Viking’s arsenal of scorers. The Lady Vikings would go on to face Arlee in Saturday’s Championship game. 

Leading the point pushers for the Lady Vikings was Skyler Frame, whose 10 points helped keep Charlo on top while Nagy added nine more to the scoreboard.

The Lady Vikings’ club is filled with athletes who can prove dangerous under the hoop on any given day, and Nagy is the leading lady in conference, posting 250 points after 18 games with an average of 13.9 per game.

The Vikings had a bumpy and long ride to their third place finish including a bad luck of the draw pitting them against Arlee in the semi-finals that ultimately forced the Vikings to walk the consolation bracket.

In their first game Thursday, the Vikings won round one after trampling over Two Eagle River 59-41.

Charlo picked up the lead in the first frame and kept the reigns tight until the end behind a long list of Viking scorers.

Greg Montgomery led the battle logging 14 for his team. Dalton Delaney added 12 while Dugan Runkel helped the cause with 10.

Friday the Vikings faced the unfortunate fumble as they fell to Arlee, a thorn in the Viking’s sneakers all season long.

While Delaney threw up 11 for his team, the Warriors proved to be too much for the Vikings to compete with leaving the Charlo to fall into the consolation round facing an extra game after the 45-69 loss.

After game three on Saturday, the Vikings got a fresh start for a shot at third as they pummeled their way into the consolation game with the 64-45 victory over St. Regis.

While outscoring the Tigers in every frame, the Vikings pushed forward with the help of four double digit scorers led by Dalton and Michael Delaney’s 13 point apiece efforts.

Runkel and Kobe Cox chipped in 12 each.

Later on Saturday, a third place was in reach but not before one last test for the Vikings as they took the court alongside the second seeded Hot Springs.

With hopes of a bronze pushing the Vikings to the brink, Charlo proved they would not back down as they cruised past the Savage Heat 50-41. 

The Delaneys led the way for the Vikings with Michael scoring 16 and Dalton chipping in 13. Cox added 10 more.

Though only five Vikings posted points, those points were enough to gain a third place plaque and a chance to play in the Divisional tournament but not before challenging 13-C’s Drummond Wednesday in a play-in challenge game.

Both D. Delaney and Cox each scored enough points over the season to earn a top ten finish. Delaney scored 257 points over 18 games while averaging 14.3 per contest good for sixth in league and Cox was right behind in at nine logging an average of 11.9 per game with 214 total points scored in 18 games.

“Byes” worth their weight 

Both Arlee teams went into the District tournament with a first place conference token, giving the Warriors and Scarlets an advantage of bypassing the first round.


Round one for the Scarlets was a stroll in the park as they cruised right past go, collecting the semi-final prize as they toppled St. Regis 48-35.

Scarlet Bryndle Goyins was hot at the free throw line, nailing six of nine in the basket. Goyins also shared the high score spotlight with Haley McCormack, each netting 14 for the Scarlets.

Goyins joined other valley athletes on the top-10 season scoring ladder after tossing in 220 points in 18 games for an average of 12.2 per game, good enough for sixth place.

The Scarlets outscored the Lady Tigers in all but one frame of play, picking up their ticket into the Championship show that featured county rival Charlo Lady Vikings.


After Charlo pulled a victory in the first round, the Joe McDonald Center’s bleachers filled to the brim to witness one of the most anticipated match-ups in the tournament – the Vikings versus Warriors.

In a quick first half lead, the Warriors proved to dominate the Vikings right from the moment the ball was tossed up in the tip off. After two quarters of play Arlee had 17 points on the Vikings and kept the pace throughout the 69-45 victory.

Three Warrior athletes posted double digits to easily slide Arlee into the Championship game, with Warriors connecting with the hoop with ease — including eight shots from the three point range.

Warrior Tyler Tanner led the stomping, netting 17 points, while Justis Haynes chipped in 14 and Bradley Brazill added 13.

Tanner and Haynes made an imprint on the league’s top-10 scoreboard with Tanner finishing his regular season with 259 points over 18 games with a per game average of 14.4 placing him in fifth for the conference while Haynes posted 213 in 18 games for an average of 11.8 per game good for 10th overall.

Champions made

The house was full, every seat taken. The final four teams were set to put on a show like no other. For the girls it was the number-one seeded Arlee Scarlets versus their valley foe with a matched league record, Charlo’s Lady Vikings.

For the boys, undefeated Arlee Warriors were ready to rumble with the Superior Bobcats, last year’s District and Divisional champs.


The Scarlets and Lady Vikings took the court first. Though both teams already secured a spot at the Divisional tournament, it was all about who would come out the true victor, the head honcho, the queens of 14-C.

As the first couple of minutes flew by, it was Arlee who struck first as Scarlet Violet Pablo, the only senior on the Scarlets’ roster, tipped in a two pointer to put Arlee on the board. 

Not to be deterred, Charlo drove it back downtown with Lady Viking Sienna Brown tossing up a shot from the three point range followed by Cheyenne Nagy adding her own three-pointer.

It was clear both teams were there to play physical ball, and as a fan in the stands said, “is this basketball or are we witnessing a rugby game?”

The Scarlets retaliated with a few in the basket to gain a short lead, but in the final minute before halftime, a series of free throws and a last-second buzzer leap by Lady Viking Madison Foust put Charlo back in it as they put themselves a point ahead of the Scarlets, 25-24 at the half.

After the break, Arlee returned with a vengeance, creating a nine-point lead over Charlo in the third frame. Arlee then capped in on the Lady Vikings’ tough round of fouls. The Scarlets provided excellent defense that kept Charlo from finding success at the hoop, pulling ahead even more in the fourth frame before it was clear who would come away with the District first-place plaque.

In the end the Scarlets prevailed, scooting past their valley rivals 52 -28.

Arlee’s muscle power of Carly Hergett, Morgan Malatare and Megan Shick helped lead their team to victory. Hergett posted 16 points for the Scarlets while Malatare added 10 and Schick nine.

Lady Vikings Cheyenne Nagy and Sienna Brown led Charlo with nine apiece.

Both teams will head to Butte Wednesday for some Divisional action. The Superior Lady Bobcats, who placed third, will play a challenge game in hopes of meeting their 14-C neighbors in Butte.

For the third year in a row the Arlee Scarlets are District 14-C champions, earning not only the title but also a high seed at the Divisional Tournament.


Did you happen to feel that small earthquake that shook the ground in Pablo? Maybe not a real temblor, but the house was shaking no less as the Arlee Warriors had every single person on his or her feet, stomping the ground in a loud crash of excitement.

While Superior drew first blood by boarding the first two points, Warrior Bradley Brazill barked right back with a hard-driven lay-up.

After falling behind by four in the first quarter, Arlee posted nine more than the Bobcats in the second including a pair of successful free throws from Tyler Tanner and a last-second toss by Phillip Malatare, allowing the Warriors to walk off the court at halftime with a 28-23 lead.

In the back and forth battle, it could have been anybody’s game.

The third quarter took a wrong turn for the Warriors as they ran into foul troubles and couldn’t quite get it in the net. After Superior hit a buzzer shot at the end of third, the Warriors had some catching up to do, down by six going into the final frame of play.

With defense coming from both sides, Brazill broke the cycle by nailing a pair of twos with five minutes left on the clock to bring the Warriors within five. Tanner then busted in with three to bring it within two, and then added another shot to tie it up at the two-minute mark.

The final two minutes could be a story told for generations. With 1:58 on the clock both teams were tied 52-52.

Emotions were running high as the Warriors and Bobcats each added six points, battling to 58-58 with seconds left on the clock. Everyone was preparing for overtime when Patrick BigSam did what he needed to do to “get ‘er done.” In a heroic run, BigSam nailed a three-pointer at the buzzer to seal the 14-C District crown, sending stunned Superior home in second place with a final score of 61-58.

Tanner led all scorers with 20 points while Phillip Malatare chipped in 14 and Bradley Brazill added 10 for his team.

Arlee and Superior will head to the Western C Divisional Tournament Wednesday and will be joined by the winner of the Charlo- Drummond play-in game.



Two Eagle River 2 6 6 11 – 25

St. Regis 1 22 6 9 – 38

Tyra Michel 9, Casadi Wunderlich 6, Jacquelyn Wright 2, Naomi Stevens 2, Shay-Lyn Andrew 2, Gabby Big Beaver 2, Shadow Matt 2.

Two Eagle River 15 2 3 8 – 28

Superior 18 14 14 19 – 65

Tyra Michel 8, Naomi Stevens 6, Casadi Wunderlich 5, Gabby Big Beaver 3, Jacquelyn Wright 2, Shay-Lyn Andrew 2, Danielle Adler 2.

Charlo 12 14 19 12 – 57

Hot Springs 6 6 4 3 – 19

Shayna Nagy 12, Ashley Tryon 10, Sienna Brown 10, Mikaylan Roylance 9, Cheyenne Nagy 8, Skyler Frame 5, Madison Foust 2, Brooklyn Foust 1.

Charlo 10 8 10 12 – 40

Superior 3 6 5 14 – 28

Skyler Frame 10, Shayna Nagy 9, Sienna Brown 7, Cheyenne Nagy 5, Mikaylan Roylance 4, Lindsey Tryon 3, Madison Foust 2.

Arlee 12 15 4 17 – 48

St. Regis 5 14 7 9 – 35

Bryndle Goyins 14, Haley McCormack 14, Carly Hergett 7, Violet Pablo 7, Morgan Malatare 6.

Arlee 10 14 15 13 – 52

Charlo 13 12 15 13 – 28

Carly Hergett 16, Morgan Malatare 10, Megan Schick 9, Bryndle Goyins 6, Violet Pablo 5, Becca Whitesell 3, Haley McCormack 3.


Two Eagle River 8 12 10 11 – 41

Charlo 16 14 11 18 – 59

Alex Quequesah 13, Eugene Parker 12, Chino Lira 7, Issaiah Mathias 4, Josiah Whitworth 2, Nolan Antiste 2, Dante McDougall 1.

Two Eagle River 13 10 6 15 – 44

Hot Springs 12 11 17 19 – 59

Alex Quequesah 24, Eugene Parker 12, Nolan Antiste 4, Julian Cutfinger 2, Chino Lira 2.

Charlo 16 14 11 18 – 59

Two Eagle River 8 12 10 11 – 41 

Greg Montgomery 14, Dalton Delaney 12, Dugan Runkel 10, Kobe Cox 7, Tyson Petticrew 6, Tristan Petticrew 3, Maverick Nelson 2, Michael Delaney 2, Kane Shenyer 2, AJ Wiggin 1.

Charlo 9 9 13 14 – 45

Arlee 16 19 20 14 – 69

Dalton Delaney 11, Greg Montgomery 8, Michael Delaney 7, Kobe Cox 7, Dugan Runkel 6, Maverick Nelson 4, Jesse Long 2.

Charlo 13 15 17 19 – 64

St. Regis 10 14 11 10 – 45

Dalton Delaney 13, Michael Delaney 13, Kobe Cox 12, Dugan Runkel 12, Greg Montgomery 7, Tyson Petticrew 4, Brady Fryberger 2, AJ Wiggin 1.

Charlo – 50

Hot Springs – 41

Michael Delaney 16, Dalton Delaney 13, Kobe Cox 10, Greg Montgomery 9, Dugan Runkel 2.

Arlee 16 19 20 14 – 69

Charlo 9 9 13 14 – 45

Tyler Tanner 17, Justis Haynes 14, Bradley Brazill 13, Chance Brazill 8, Isaac Desjarlais 7, Phillip Malatare 5, Riley Rogers 3, Patrick BigSam 2.

Arlee 14 14 9 24 – 61

Superior 18 5 20 15 – 58

Tyler Tanner 20, Phillip Malatare 14, Bradley Brazill 10, Patrick BigSam 7, Justis Haynes 3, Riley Rogers 3, Isaac Desjarlais 2, Chance Brazill 2.




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