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True spirituality brings peace


This is in response to the letter placed by Bob McClellan titled "Being spiritual is very different than religious," in the Feb. 4 issue. I also caught part of that documentary on John Muir and noticed the same comment, and it struck me that the man was indeed more spiritual than religious.

I've noticed other letters of Mr. McClellan's before and would like to say kudos to him. There are not that many people in this world — let alone in the Mission Valley, that not only keep a spiritually conscious eye on life, but have the heart and courage to say something that will get people to pay attention to what's really going on in the world.

It seems these days that the organized religions of our beautiful mother earth are more bent on destroying each other and being right, then loving each other without judgment, conditions and compassion for everyone no matter how they choose to view life and their God.

True spirituality is all about seeing others in this way and respecting their choices, even if one does not always understand them. Wouldn't this earth be a much more peaceful place if everyone started waking up and paying attention to their actions and thoughts in every moment.

Kathy Boever


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