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Let us consider peace as an option

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Peace or Fear? That is the question and a non-partisan issue. Is peace an option?

What is peace? Is it a concept outside of ourselves that is unreachable or is given to us as a gift? No, I say. Peace is a state of mind for which we have the option to choose every minute of the day. Whether you are standing in line at the grocery store and something upsetting happens or you have a political debate over our world affairs, peace or anger is a choice. Which do you choose in that moment?

We think sometimes that we have no power over our thoughts and actions. Is this true? Do we create peace? Is it an outside job of acting on peaceful actions when we are still having fearful thoughts? It is said by many experts that we can only have one thought at a time.

Fear/anger and peace/love cannot reside in the same thought. The two energies conflict. Then it becomes a choice in that moment. What does that really mean? Do you mean I have a choice of how something affects me? Do you mean I have that kind of power? And it starts with a simple thought.

When it comes to world issues, including war or issues on our own home front — in our town and or our homes, making a choice is still our option. No one has the power to tell us how to think or to feel a certain way. Seems impossible? Sometimes other’s actions are powerful and profound beyond what words can speak. Yet, the simplicity of it all is to breathe deeply in the moment of upset and remember to choose peace. Is it that simple? Not always. It takes practice to remember we each hold that power.

So, then, if a state of mind of choosing between the opposites of peace or fear in any given moment is the beginning of acting on that energy, then let us think more often.

How do our thoughts and actions affect others? How do our own thoughts affect our health, our immune system and our relationships? Choosing is our choice. Fear or Peace? Peace or Fear? Just a reminder folks … peace is an option

Lynn Peters


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