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Commission considers site for sewer treatment

POLSON — Fred Phillips from Great West Engineering in Helena attended the Polson City Commissioners meeting on Jan. 20 to provide more information on the proposed sites for the headworks/sewer treatment location. 

The sites under consideration are the old Tamsco building on the east side of Kerr Dam Road or the sewage lagoons on the west side of Kerr Dam Road.

Mayor Pat DeVries and the commissioners had many questions for Phillips, focusing on the need for a lift station if the east side location is chosen and costs for heating and air conditioning and electricity.

“If you build on the east side,” Phillips said, “it will require a lift station.” 

However, the lift station will only be required until the project is completed and then “gravity discharge will be 100 percent.”

The commissioners asked to see a comparison of the numbers for building on each side of Kerr Dam Road including loss of revenue from the Tamsco building and electricity costs.

Another issue which generated a lot of discussion was resolution #1006, calling for the adoption of expectations to create an environment conducive to the civil conduct of the public’s business in Polson City Commission meetings.

Polson City Manager Todd Crossett said the resolution came from a leadership retreat the mayor and all but one of the commissioners attended. 

The resolution read: We focus on issues and not on people and we do not tolerate abusive communication. We seek and encourage diverse points of view and listen to learn and to understand. We seek creative solutions.

Local realtor Ric Smith asked the commission to consider getting rid of the two to three minute time frame for speaking as long as people are on the subject. 

Member of the public Murat Kalinyaprak said the resolution was a positive step but he was not sure a resolution was needed. The word tolerate “makes me kind of tense,” Kalinyaprak added.

Local realtor Rory Horning brought up the retreat and the list the commission generated on how it is going to operate, which Horning said should be available to the public. Horning also asked if the commission would conduct meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order.

The resolution passed with Commissioner Elsa Duford opposed.

The commission also approved:

• Ordinance, #653, second reading, to formalize approval to use tax increment revenue as security for bond as portion of Streetscape urban renewal project.

• Transfer for all alcohol beverage licenses from the Lake House to Swanee’s Bar and Grill (formerly Raleigh’s).

• Change retail off-premises consumption beer and wine license from Polson Town Pump Partnership to Major Enterprises Incorporated, a corporation with new shareholders.

• December cash report.

• Nomination of Mike Lies as Polson City Commission President.

During city manager comments, Crossett announced a stakeholders meeting for the city and rural fire departments is scheduled for Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. in the city commission chambers. Crossett will facilitate the meeting, which will include Fire Chief John Fairchild, firefighters, Lake County Commissioner Bill Barron and Polson City Commissioner Judy Preston.

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