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Scouting encourages youth, adults to realize dreams

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This year the Boy Scouts of America celebrates 100 years of existence. The week of Feb. 7-14 is Scout Week and a time for me to reflect. 

I am fortunate to be part of this program for 52 of those years. Therefore I am openly expressing my thanks and appreciation to all the youth and adults who have made my experience in scouting so rewarding.

Scouting helped me realize many dreams. I learned to live in the outdoors, explore the wilderness, win national recognition, appreciate other cultures and backgrounds, and take up sailing. Most important of all, I have made lifelong friends. Scouting continues to be a significant part of my life.

During this time the life skills I learned in scouting aided me in pursuing avocations and a career in the creative arts. I have made a family, become a father and watched my sons achieve the honor of being Eagle Scouts.

Scouting encourages youth and adults to engage in new endeavors. In the past year I have embarked on a fresh and exciting aspect of scouting. This has recharged my batteries and further fueled my enthusiasm. I have become a leader in a co-ed Sea Scout Ship.

There are now new horizons of experience to steer for. I am gaining valuable knowledge while being on the water with a great bunch of kids and adults. 

As scouting goes into its second 100 years I am excited and energized. What I am learning is giving me increased confidence in handling the sailboats I have acquired while being involved with Camp Melita Island. Sea Scouting teaches boat handling and safety, teamwork and leadership, and imparts ethics and morals through history and tradition.

Sea Scouting’s Promise contains a message all aspiring boaters should take to heart as we approach another season on Montana’s waters. 

“As a Sea Scout I promise to do my best: to guard against water accidents; to know the location and proper use of the life saving devices on every boat I board; to be prepared to render aid to those in need; to seek to preserve the motto of the sea — women and children first.”

Thanks Boy Scouts of America. Celebrate the adventure and continue the journey.

Chris Roberts
Skipper, Ship 102
S.S.S. Melita Island


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