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Congressman should listen to constituents

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Dear Mr. Rehberg,

I am writing to you in care of the editor since the only response I receive when I write to you is another form letter which seems a waste of my taxpayer dollars on postage to send. Your marketing materials I receive in response to my emails to you seem like just more junk mail trying to sell me something I’m not buying, no matter how slick and glossy the card with your Marlboro Man photos or how quality the heavy bond you use to send your canned reply. I want a real answer.

I want an explanation. If Congress has the power to declare war, and we are at war with “terror,” and you are my Congress person, I expect you to fulfill your responsibility to me and the rest of your constituents. You represent us, you answer to us, and the very least we deserve is an explanation.

Explain to me, please, how killing 11-year-old children in Afghanistan makes us in any way safer.

Explain to me how there is any justification for our operations which resulted in the killing of 30 civilian Afghanistan people in the last two weeks (I’ll not get into here the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, nor the Pakistan bystanders or innocent people in Yemen we’ve shot, burned, blown up, widowed and orphaned in the recent past).

Do not condescend and imply I can’t understand or don’t deserve a clear and honest, logical explanation. I am an educated, informed citizen who pays your salary and I demand an answer from you. Do you think you don’t need to have our approval for what you are allowing in our name and paying for with our tax dollars? 

To me, sir, it is only logical to realize for every innocent civilian we kill, or kidnap-torture-cage without due process of law, for each of those people there are many many more who are related to them or care about them or come to know of them who will justifiably hate us and wish our destruction. Why is this concept so incomprehensible? Since when did humanity become un-American?

Cheryl M. Wolfe


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