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Let's unite on Jan. 12

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Tuesday, Jan. 12 is a day we can become involved citizens that have decided to come out of the shadows and show our concern for the direction our local, state and national governments are headed. It's time to quit complaining, and instead become part of the solution. It's time to stand up and be proud that you are a conservative, a patriot, and a concerned American that loves your country and believes our Constitution means what it says.

The first monthly event will be Jan. 12 at the Ronan Community Center. You can come for the potluck dinner at 6 p.m. or just come to the main event starting at 6:45 p.m. There will be three guest speakers on different topics, a couple of short videos, and lots of information.

You will also have the chance to sign up for focus groups that will meet separately in the months to come. These groups include property rights, second amendment gun rights, constitutional studies, voter issues, preparedness, tenth amendment - state sovereignty, public education, etc.

These groups will be great educational tools in addition to the big monthly event.

Join the many other citizens of the valley who have felt hopeless about being able to make a difference. Now is our chance. Take a couple of hours on Jan. 12 to attend an event that can start locally and eventually make a difference not only in Lake County, but also in Helena and Washington D.C.

John Backs
St. Ignatius



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