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Beliefs should be based on facts

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On Nov. 26, there was a letter to the editor that raised a lot of questions for me. Following are some facts and questions related to those facts, which upon reflection caused me to reaffirm my own beliefs.

Every citizen of the country is expected to pay taxes. Should every citizen have to fork over tax dollars to pay for things they do not want to support?

To be moral is to be capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. Can or should this be excluded from constitutional laws?

Our original constitutional laws were written to protect the highest rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Have all laws enacted since then really upheld this standard for all individuals?

Religion is practicing what one believes— any specific system of belief, worship, conduct, etc, often involving a code of ethics or a philosophy. Is any person on the earth not practicing what they believe?

Every person has a right to believe what they want to, but does belief ever change facts? Very few mothers and fathers of aborted children ever make their traumatic experience public. Does this mean they have not physically and emotionally suffered from the loss of their child, who was a part of both of them? Pre-born babies do not live to tell of their murder — does this mean it never happened?

One law enacted in our country in recent years protects unhatched eagles. Is it just to protect pre-hatched eggs and not pre-born babies?

Most everyone has beliefs. The big question is are their beliefs based on facts?

Brenda Ann Hughes


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