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H1N1 scare is a total fabrication


While I was traveling through Canada in early September, the CBS News reported that according to Canadian statistics, you are four times as likely to get H1N1 if you had been previously vaccinated for it. This aired for two days and then you never heard another word about it. I was amazed it even got on the air.

H1N1 has a lower death rate than the common cold. This H1N1 scare has been a total fabrication by those who would control other people's minds for profit and totalitarian control, which includes depopulating the planet before we wake up.

We are being enslaved by inflationary money, interest (debt), and sickness, all of which are being intentionally and systematically inflicted upon us by the same institutions that claim to be our saviors.

We even have a media-made savior for President, Barack Madonna. No presidential administration has had more brokers, banksters, and Wall Street swindlers than Obama's administration handlers.

A University of Nevada study found that more than two thirds of children that died from sudden infant death syndrome had been vaccinated within three weeks of death.

Cases of whooping cough (pertussis), smallpox, diphtheria and tinnitus had decreased more than 90 percent before the vaccines were introduced. Polio had decreased more than 80 percent before the vaccine was introduced. So, why was history been rewritten to give vaccines credit for saving us from these things?

U.S. vaccination programs began in the late 1930s and the first autistic children were in the early 1940s. College entry test scores have gone down continually since the 1950s. Why can't Johnny read?

Dr. Stan Malstrom said, "The D.P.T. (diphtheria, pertussis, tinnitus) shot seems to be the primary cause of crib death, spinal meningitis and brain damage in infants."

David Keslar of the FDA said one in 10 adverse reactions to drugs are being reported. Contents of a D.P.T. shot include formaldehyde, thimerosal (mercury), sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, charcoal, aluminum phosphate and sheep's blood used as a culture medium.

Adverse reactions to the DPT shot include convulsions, paralysis, shock and brain damage.

Why would I want to inject something straight into my bloodstream bypassing all of my natural defenses? Because some "experts" that profit from vaccine and drug use told me to?

"An expert is someone who thinks they know so much about something that they can't learn anything else." - President Harry Truman.

Kim Larssen
St. Ignatius

(Editor's note – Though I strongly disagree with the assertions and suggestion of factual basis in the author's claims — much of which I do not have the resources to verify or debunk — it is noteworthy that there are some who would vehemently disagree or reject the overwhelmingly consistent recommendations from our nation's medical establishment. I would encourage everyone, especially parents, raise any questions of concern they may have with their family doctor. They should carefully weigh the benefits of vaccination before dismissing it and incurring the higher risks associated with not receiving the vaccination.)


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