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Fun jewelry hanger fits perfectly in creative, organized home

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Organization is a challenge, especially if you are an individual who constantly must marry their creativity with some form of structure that our civilization deems necessary. 

I would like to be more organized if my creative muse wasn’t constantly standing in the way, blocking my path to the sock drawer, vacuum cleaner and the dining room table lined with scraps of material from the latest project(s). 

And I know there are more random thinkers like me out there, hiding in messy closets and unorganized kitchen pantries in shame. We have a tendency to tackle multiple projects at once, relying on the super hero powers that lie within us. But at 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning with five projects in progress, none of which are anywhere near completion, chaos ensues — which we will likely ignore and go to bed. 

Now, maybe you are someone like my older sister. Let it be noted, that I love Christy dearly and she is a wonderful sister who always remembers birthdays, anniversaries and favorite colors. Organization comes easy for her, as does creativity. 

Her creative muses are much more well-behaved than mine, never standing defiantly in the way of the vacuum cleaner, laundry room and dishwasher. She constantly spews out beautiful jewelry, bright fun purses and amazing photography in an organized, clean house, while working at the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, Canada, raising two young children and getting her master’s degree. Did I mention she runs marathons? 

If you identify with this description of perfection and are one of these organized yet creative people, please stop reading now. The following doesn’t concern you. But if you are a random thinker like me, stick around — you may benefit from the following.

I hate my jewelry box. Every jewelry box I have ever gotten I have absolutely loathed. Maybe it’s the concept of jewelry going into a tight space where it will likely get tangled, snagged, lost and mangled that bothers me. Or maybe it is the concept of these long silver necklaces intermixing with non-matching bracelets and silver rings embedded with old vintage charm bracelets. Or it could be the sad fact that I never have had enough jewelry to actually fill it up.

Regardless, the concept of the jewelry box disturbs me. So when a creative cousin and fellow random thinker made me a framed wire mesh jewelry hanger for a Christmas present, I was ecstatic. 

At last, my earrings can hang beautifully for everyone to see, next to the matching necklace and bracelet duo Christy made me for Christmas (see above). And I will never have to worry about tangles between dangly earrings and overlong beaded necklaces again. Oh the joyful marriage of creativity and organization!

Needless to say, I was inspired. I found two frames at a local thrift store, grabbed a can of white paint, mesh wiring, a fake flower and tackled my fourth project of Monday evening at 9:30 p.m. 

By 2 a.m. Tuesday morning nothing was finished, including the pile of clean clothes and sheets sitting on my bed, which was of course bereft of bedding. 

But to my credit, the frames were still drying and looking lovely and white in the dim light of the drying Christmas tree. 

The two mesh-wire jewelry frames are a belated Christmas present to my roommate, another random thinker, who needs all the help she can get in her attempts to get organized. Her creative muses have blocked the way to her jewelry box for months now. 


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