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More than a game

Ronan Chiefs’ head coach Steve Woll has three distinct priorities this season, and winning games isn’t the only one. Leading the team on the court also means encouraging the boys to become all they can be off the court.

“If you asked any one of my players, they better be able to say, ‘citizenship, academics, basketball,’ in that order,” Woll said.

With speed and quickness as strengths, the boys are working to improve rebounding while getting their teammates set up for a score.

“I tell them, ‘If you have a good shot, maybe your player has a better one,’” Woll said.

With a six or seven solid players, Woll’s goal is to improve daily and peak at postseason.

“Our goal is to finish top three in conference and get to divisionals, then anything can happen,” Woll said. “Everyone’s ultimate goal is to get to state.”

Helping the team are the Misa boys — 6-foot 4-inch freshman forward Aaron and sophomore guard Ezekiel.

“The Misa boys are strong for us,” Woll said.

Other standout players include guards Jackson Duffey and Perry Panzetanga, forwards Kasey Mock and Elijah Cahoon, and the Chief’s lone senior, Ethan Blevins, at center.

Woll said he will continue to work on team chemistry and sharing the ball.

“I am looking forward to the season and molding them into a good team,” he said.

The Chiefs showed their strength in Eureka on Tuesday, Dec. 15, with a 60-38 win, followed Friday night at home with a 67-44 victory over Mission.

Zeke Misa led in Eureka, tallying 22 points, seven rebounds and nine assists while scoring on three of five 3-point attempts. Panzetanga contributed 13 points while making 85 percent of his two-point attempts.

In front of the home crowd Friday, Zeke, Aaron Misa and Kasey Mock combined for 40 of the team’s 67 points, with Aaron leading in assists (5) and rebounds (6).

On the first day of school following Christmas break, the Chiefs will host Loyola on Monday, Jan. 4, then travel to Deer Lodge Tuesday, Jan. 5. 


Ronan 60, Eureka 38

Ronan1715208 – 60

Eureka791111 – 38

Ronan — Points: Z. Misa 22, Panzetanga 13, Mock 8, A. Misa 6, Camel 4, Duffey 3, Blevins 2, Isaiah Arrow Top Knot 2. Assists: Z. Misa 9, Cahoon 3, Duffey 2, Mock 2, Dennis 1, Panzetanga 1, Arrow Top Knot 1. Rebounds: Z. Misa 7, A. Misa 6, Camel 5, Dennis 4, Duffey 3, Arrow Top Knot 3, Cahoon 3, Panzetanga 2.


Mission 44, Ronan 67

Mission1191212 – 44

Ronan18152113 – 67

Mission – Points: Billy Von Holtum 18, Isaac Alexander 8, Tyler Spidel 7, Andrew Esslinger 6, Emilio Bravo 5. Assists: Tate Weingart 4, Esslinger 2; Robbie Erickson, Alexander, Bravo and Spidel 1. Rebounds: Von Holtum 9, Alexander 6, Weingart 4, Esslinger 3; Erickson, Bravo and Spidel 2.

Ronan – Points: A. Misa 14, Z. Misa 13, Mock 13, Cahoon 11, Panzetanga 7, Duffey 4, Camel 3, Blevins 2. Assists: A. Misa 5, Mock 3, Z. Misa 3, Duffey 3, Nathan Dennis 1, Panzetanga 1, Camel 1.

Rebounds: A. Misa 6, Duffey 3, Mock 3, Camel 3, Blevins 2, Z. Misa 2, Cahoon 2, Dennis 1, Panzetanga 1.

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