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Foundation supports soccer complex

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POLSON — Polson Youth Soccer Association would like to offer a huge thank you to the Greater Polson Community Foundation for sponsoring the third regulation-sized field at the soccer complex under development north of Mission Valley Aquatics. The central west soccer field will be named “Community Field” in recognition of their generous $25,000 donation toward the soccer complex project.

“The creation of new soccer fields qualifies for GPCF support because it provides opportunities for both school age kids and adults to engage in exercise, healthy life-style, teamwork and sportsmanship,” GPCF President Penny Jarecki said. “The soccer fields will also enhance the economic well-being of our community. Soccer teams and their families will come to Polson for games and tournaments, which translates into increased business for our eateries, hotels, and tourist attractions.” 

It is of personal importance to somewithin the Foundation to see these fields to completion. Soccer families spend significant time and money travelling to soccer games and tournaments across the state, Jarecki explained. Once the new fields are ready for use, Polson will at last be able to benefit from more competition and economic income from visiting teams. 

“Polson has missed out on being part of the soccer tournament ‘loop’ for too long,” she said.

In addition to bringing visiting soccer teams to Polson for games and tournaments, Jarecki expects the new fields will be an inspiration to local kids and younger adults to become more involved in soccer. “When they see how much fun soccer can be, they will want to get out there and be a part of it. We expect the number of local soccer teams will grow,” said Jarecki. 

Jarecki is correct in expecting the number of local soccer players to grow. PYSA spring soccer numbers were up by about 10 to 15 percent this year, which is a trend that will no doubt continue with the development of the soccer complex. PYSA’s spring soccer programs benefit local youth ages 5 to 19.

There have been exciting recent developments at the soccer complex. The fields have been graded and hydro seeded, and perimeter fencing will be installed in the upcoming weeks. Construction of the concession stand and information center, by Brothers Construction, will begin early summer, and is expected to be finished by the end of the summer. 

PYSA is at a critical path in the development the complex. The association has worked hard to raise approximately 75 percent of the funds needed for the project, but is in need of additional funds to complete the fields. They are confident that they can achieve this by year end, but need additional support from the community. They welcome financial or in-kind donations large and small. They are an established 501(c)(3) organization. 

Contact Sarah Beck Smith at 406-261-0641 if you are interested in helping them complete this meaningful project.

PYSA thanks the Greater Polson Community Foundation for its tireless work and contribution to our community, and for its generosity in supporting Polson youth soccer in particular. PYSA looks forward to seeing members of the foundation on the sidelines at soccer games next year on the new Community Field.

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