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Survival tool crafted in Polson basement

POLSON – Scraping a leg while climbing over a fallen tree, getting lost in the mountains after taking a wrong turn, or needing warmth after a rainy hike are just a few of the things that can happen to adventurous spirits. Heidi and Brandy Sturm, owners of GearPods, are giving those venturesome souls peace of mind with a grab and go adventure system.

The lightweight and compact containers hold survival tools to help you stay hydrated, build a fire and shelter, signal for help and catch fish. The containers double as drinking cups, and most include a filter for purifying stream water. A person can also customize their own GearPod depending on what escape they are planning.

The company was founded by James Davies after he was hiking in California and got lost, according to Brock Sturm, son to Heidi and Brandy.

“He didn’t know what to do, so he just started writing down everything he wished he had to help him,” Brock said. The result in Davies going astray for the day is GearPods. 

“I think it is pretty smart actually,” Brock said.

Davies, a family friend, asked the Sturms if they would consider taking over GearPods after he decided to move out of the country.

 “We said ‘no’ a few times,” Heidi said. After two years of having a hand in helping Davies run the business, Heidi and Brandy decided that GearPods was something they wanted to own.

“We bought GearPods this April and have been running it out of our basement.”

Although there is no longer room for tag or hide n seek in their basement, Brock and Brody get hands-on experience on how to run a business. The two boys help their parents fill orders, test products and pack fishing gear into little containers.

“Australia is the coolest place that I’ve seen we have sent too,” Brock said.

His younger brother also enjoys helping out the family business.

 “My favorite part is the bivvy,” Brody said. “It is a sleeping bag that can fit into a tiny little case.”

Heidi finds that while working on GearPod orders, the family is spending quality time together. She said that each family member has their favorite part and while they work, they also talk about their day.

 “I am very proud that we work from our basement,” Heidi said.

Although Heidi and Brandy wish for GearPods to grow globally, for now they are working on establishing relationships with manufacturers and users locally.

 “We know Montana,” Heidi said. “Of course we want this to grow, but the connections we make with people is so important and we want to do well in Montana.”

Brandy would like to have a storefront someday, but currently enjoys working from home.

“It is just crazy that this is in our little tiny basement in Polson, Montana, and we sell all around the world,” he said.

To find out more about pricing and GearPod options go to:



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