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Rocky Mountain Twist continues to spread wings

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RONAN — Rocky Mountain Twist, a company that produces 50,000 drills a day, hosted a two-day networking event for its sales representatives and customers the past weekend in Ronan. They spent their time learning the history of manufacturing while exploring new products and future business avenues.

“I enjoy working with outside people,” RMT Director John Stead said. “We have people from all over this country and it is important to separate them from their normal working environment.”

One of the visitors was Sales Representative Mathew Curry from Huntington Beach, California, whose marketing region includes Nevada, Colorado, Utah, California, New Mexico and Arizona.

“These annual meetings are great for us,” Curry said. “They get us pumped to go out and sell to our markets.” Curry has attended 12 RMT conferences and enjoys the team-building aspect the most.

“We get to go whitewater rafting,” Curry said. “It is nice to get outside with co-workers and spend quality time with one another.”

Also enjoying the Mission Valley was Charles Boneham, President of Boneham Metal Products, Inc. located in New Jersey. BMP is a sister company of Boneham & Turner Ltd, the United Kingdom’s top drill bushing manufacturer. Boneham resides in England, but travels to the United States often for business.

“I flew across the ocean to get here,” Boneham said. This was his first time visiting Montana.

The Boneham companies form one of the largest drill bushing organizations in the world and have created a bond with RMT.

“It is great to build relations in a work-friendly environment,” Boneham said. “It is rare that companies build close relationships like we have with Rocky Mountain Twist.”

Boneham was enthusiastic about the weekend and was looking forward to spending time outdoors.

“The lakes and rivers here are great. The Mission Mountains are fantastic,” Boneham said.

Stead brought employees to his work site, where the outdoors is at its best during the summer months. He gave a tour of the manufacturing plant, along with a presentation on the possibilities in the aerospace industry.

“With the fall of the oil industry, we have the opportunity to find ways into aerospace,” Stead said.

“Aerospace is a consistent market.”

Already working with companies like Boeing, RMT has a jump start on its competitors. Curry said it is important to keep up to date with the latest machinery.

“Every year there is new technology brought to the market. It just keeps getting faster and better,” Curry said. “That is one of the main reasons I come to the conferences, to keep myself informed.”

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