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Do your part to help Montana firefighters

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News from Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

MONTANA — With increasingly dry conditions in many areas of Montana, the potential for accidentally starting a wildfire is also very high. Here are a few fire prevention tips to keep in mind as you set out to enjoy your weekend.

— Build campfires in an existing ring or in an area clear of vegetation. Stay with your fire, never leaving it unattended. Drown with water and stir until it is “dead out” and cold to the touch.

— Avoid driving or parking on dry grass. Exhaust systems and catalytic converters easily start fires. Well-maintained vehicle tires reduce the risk of blowouts, and exposed rims can start fires. Make sure safety chains do not drag and cause sparks.

— Make sure all mechanical outdoor equipment (tractors, chainsaws, off-road vehicles, etc.) is equipped with properly-working mufflers, spark arrestors and bearings. If possible, avoid working during the heat of the day when fires start easier.

— If you accidentally start a fire, give it one try to put it out. Try one bucket of water, one fire extinguisher, or one good rinse with a garden hose. Then call 911.

— If you see a fire, report it immediately. Don’t assume someone else has. As of last week, 15 wildfires were burning in Montana. Let’s all do our part to help our firefighters by preventing the next one.

Your local firefighters appreciate your assistance in preventing wildfires.

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