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Letters to the editor for Sept. 21, 2016

Dayton silver celebration successful


We couldn’t have had any finer weather for Dayton Daze this year. The sun shone bright, the parade entries were creative and entertaining, the raffle tickets sold like hot cakes, and the pie-eating contest was a sight to behold. The entire community (and many visitors and guests) seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event, which had the flavor of an old time ice-cream social (without the ice cream—unless you count Klondike Bars and Creamsicles).

The Chief Cliff Volunteer Fire Department/Quick Response Unit would like to thank everyone who participated in the 25th annual Dayton Daze celebration. The support our volunteer fire department and relatively new QRU received from local merchants and community members helped us raise enough money to purchase the Rescue Vehicle that we had been lusting after, and that the Ronan Fire Department made available to us (at a substantially discounted price).

We would like to extend huge “thank you”s to the many merchants and individuals who donated goods and services to make our raffle a success; our local communities for so generously supporting our department both by digging deep into their pockets and also by attending our event; all the adults and children who participated in the parade, played games throughout the afternoon, got their faces painted with patriotic images, and otherwise helped to make our silver anniversary an incredibly successful, and patriotic event; and a big thank you to our hard-working Chief Cliff VFD and QRU members for not only attending trainings, putting out fires, assisting with traffic accidents, and providing emergency medical services within (and without) our rather extensive fire service area, but also for dedicating the many, many, hours it takes to make Dayton Daze happen.

Zoe Lilja

Dayton ‘Top secret’ clearance means …


I received a “top secret” clearance with “crypto access” in 1962 from the Department of Defense; I had this for the time I was in the military. When I left the military I went to work for a computer company out of Minnesota, which kept my “top secret” clearance for the next 18 years plus added the Atomic Energy Agency clearance to it. I went through security seminars reviews every two years and signed – each basely saying I’d be tried for treason if I told or let information fall into the hands of unauthorized person that was not cleared, and with a “need to know.” (Even with a top secret clearance, there is still the need to know. There was not one word in those documents that said “it had to be intentionally committed.”) Also, what I’d seen or heard would not be talked about for the next 50 years. Signing into this document made one proud, but also made one’s blood run a little cold thinking if I screwed up, I hope the individual would kill me rather then be prosecuted for the crime.

Now I look at what Hillary Clinton has done. This woman has committed outright treason. If I, or anyone I know, had done just one of the things she has committed, the government would have prosecuted us to the full extent of the law. Clinton’s aides were not even cleared to see the items that existed on her server, including the lawyers that deleted the email. This was outright neglect of duty and treason when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

In the security seminars I attended, they covered the classification marking on documents; but then you were told how to recognize information that was not marked, and you were still responsible for treating the information as if it was marked with a classification. Hillary Clinton should be in jail, not trying to be President of the United States.

I guess it pays to have the last name Clinton.

Jerry Peterson


Grateful for support


Pablo Elementary School would like to thank our community business contributors for their generous support of our Buddy-Up Fun Run/Walk. We kicked off the school year by having the students run or walk with a Buddy for one mile. Each of our students received a T-shirt thanks to the funding support we received from the following community businesses. Thank you to Valley Bank, Glacier Bank, Mission Valley Power, Eagle Bank, Whitefish Credit Union and Image Quest.

Kathy Smith


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