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Two Eagle River round dance broadcast in 122 countries

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Fever Round Dance held Friday at Two Eagle School was full of traditional dancing, drumming and singing. But one thing was far from customary — the event was broadcast in 122 countries.

Featured singer Nakoa Heavyrunner and emcee Charlie Mulluck aired the event via their website and app, Indigenous Sounds Radio.

The team travels the state to perform at powwows and round dances, often listening to XM radio. They realized there weren’t any stations that played native music, so they set about to start their own platform via live internet, which launched in July 2016.

“I’ve been working on this for two years,” Heavyrunner said. “It showcases all our indigenous talent.”

The singer has also recorded 14 albums, “so far,” he said.

Heavyrunner wasn’t the only one singing. Participants took turns singing and playing drums made by families prior to the event. Earlier in the evening before dinner, students gathered with their loved ones and created family shields.

The dancing continued throughout the night, and included a “Ladies’ Choice” and an apple dance. Polished sweet apples were distributed, held and eaten while participants circled the dance floor.

“It’s an offering of friendship, giving life to another person,” Aaron Starr explained. “Apples are the fruit of life.”

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