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Local students bring awareness to hunger issues

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ST. IGNATIUS – A few of the students chosen by Governor Steve Bullock and his First Lady to work on the statewide fight against childhood hunger are from Lake County.

According to a press release, 19 middle and high school students throughout Montana were selected to serve on the Youth Leadership Council and attended a training retreat at the State Capitol in the fall. In Charlo, 11th graders Sierra Hutchin and Vanessa Kent were chosen, and in St. Ignatius, Kylee Wells, 10th grade, was chosen.

“Childhood hunger is a problem that we can solve, and one that we must solve,” said Governor Bullock. “From Hamilton to Malta, these remarkable students are working in their communities and schools to raise awareness of this important issue and make every bit of a difference for the kids who come to school hungry.”

One of the ways the students brought awareness to the issue of childhood hunger was to organize projects to get the community involved during the week of April 17 including community dinners.

During a community dinner in St. Ignatius, Kylee stood on a stage and asked people to imagine always feeling hungry. “In Montana, 1 in 5 Montana children, age 18 and under, struggle with hunger,” Kylee said.

She added that nearly 805 million people in the world are undernourished, which equates to 1 in 9 people, and every ten seconds, a child dies from hunger related disease.

She recommends several ways to take action including volunteering to help a local soup kitchen or other organization, donating money aimed at feeding the needy, sharing knowledge about hunger, and supporting government run programs to give people food assistance.

Kylee said the fight against hunger is an ongoing project and she challenges people to get involved.

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