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Kids, animals scramble around arena during city slicker rodeo

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 RONAN – Kids of all ages turned out for this year’s Kiddie City Slicker Rodeo during Pioneer Days events on Saturday.

“This is a fun event for the kids and a great way for the community to get together,” said Justine Welker, co-organizer and announcer. Amanda Symington also organized events in the rodeo arena. 

The afternoon started out with a stick horse race. Kids could utilize an adult or sibling if they didn’t yet have walking skills or if being center stage in the rodeo arena made them a bit shy. 

The next event involved moving water from one big water trough to the next in teams using a smaller portable bucket. A few kids ran so quickly across the arena that all the water slopped out of their buckets, providing laughs for both competitors and crowd. 

The final round of events was categorized as the Farmer Olympics. Kids organized into teams of four. When the signal to go was given, they pushed one team member in a wheelbarrow a few feet, dumped that kid out, and loaded up with rocks. The team then ran to a water gun waiting in a bucket and had to spray the water at a few cans set up on hay bales. 

With the cans down, kids ran to the hay bales to look for hidden eggs with prizes inside, and then moved the bales to a new location. Audience members might have paid close attention to the next round for future irrigators. The kids had to pick up a long pipe that resembled a hand-line for sprinkler irrigation and pack it to a new spot. 

Muscles were flexed during the final round when kids picked up a post driver to pound a post a few inches into the ground before finishing off with a piggyback ride to the finish line.

Brenton Welker, 8, said he had a good time trying out the different events before running off to watch the next round of kids.

The Kid Scramble was the next event. Kids brought a family member into the arena, scooped up some candy, and ran from that person. To win, the adult or older siblings had to take off their shoes, find the shoes, and then catch the kid. 

Afterward, the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department pulled up with their fire trucks to hose off hot, sweaty kids who were all smiles as cool water splashed over them, creating a mud puddle in the center of the arena. 

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