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Two men face charges after woman struck by bullet

POLSON – Two men, ages 60 and 70, face charges following an Aug. 13 shooting on Canyon Mill Road northeast of Ronan. 

Allen Ted Metzger, 60, and Roy Lee Sinclair, 70, were charged after a woman was shot in the thigh. 

Metzger was charged with two counts of criminal endangerment and tampering with evidence, while Sinclair was charged with tampering with evidence. Sinclair also faces two assault with a weapon charges stemming from an Oct. 30 incident last year in which he received a one-year deferred prosecution agreement in February. 

In the Aug. 13 incident, sheriff’s deputies responded after a woman at a property adjacent to Metzger’s reported that she had been shot. 

After investigating, a deputy found two bullet holes in the wall of the woman’s living room trailer, one bullet on the living room floor and one in a dog’s bed. 

According to a court document, deputies told the two men to come down the road and get on the ground but they refused. The men were then detained by deputies. 

Metzger said he had fired a .22-caliber gun six times and a 9-mm pistol seven times while shooting at an embankment, a court record states. Sheriff’s deputies found 13 spent 9-mm casings in the front of Sinclair’s pickup at Metzger’s residence on Canyon Mill Road. 

When questioned, Sinclair said he knew nothing about the guns, but later said he had bought one of them and left it at Metzger’s residence three days before, according to a court document. Sinclair also claimed that he didn’t know where the 9-mm pistol could be, but after a search warrant was obtained the pistol was found under the back seat of his pickup, a court document states. The .22-caliber gun was found on the ground close to the pickup behind a bag, according to the court document. 

Both men told police they had consumed several beers the day of the incident. 

Sinclair is once again facing a charge from an Oct. 30, 2016 incident where he allegedly pointed a gun at a man and fired several times after getting into an argument over a grinding stone in the 44500 block of Leighton Road southwest of Pablo. Had the man not ducked, he would have been hit by bullets, according to a woman who said she stepped in between the men. Sinclair also allegedly pointed a gun at her, a court document states.


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