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Trump supporters have sold their souls to the Donald


Donald Trump is a jerk. He is also President of the United States. His fans and voters know he is a jerk and love him for it. He is the same low-caliber person he has always been. In spite of that fact 62,979,879 people voted for him. It matters not that 65,844,954 people voted for Hillary Clinton. It matters not that over 5 million people voted for other candidates. And, far worse, it matters not that 108,600,074 eligible voters did not vote at all.

What matters is that we have a butthead in the White House and that’s not even our biggest problem. We, The People, are. It is American citizens who apologize for him, excuse him, ignore him and normalize him that make his presidency a national humiliation.

Trumpian party puritans condone his obscene behavior. They defend filth so foul I cannot write a letter to the editor that meets editorial page standards if I directly quote the President of the United States of America.

What will it take for his devoted base, most of whom are white Evangelical Christians, to at long last realize that they have sold their souls to the Donald?

Wanda LaCroix


Lo 14°

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