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Locals to perform in ‘Lamb of God’ production

Two years ago, Janis Cates felt a prompting that a sacred musical needed to be performed in this area. It took her two years to get the courage to start the whole process but she felt empowered and strengthened by her faith to do it when she heard the “Lamb of God” musical by Rob Gardner. "Immediately I knew this production was the right musical to produce," she said.

Cates called Rita Tingey of St. Ignatius, and then called Nancy Eastham of Polson to help her co-produce this event. She barely knew these women but her heart told her they were right, and she was proven correct. Then the three of them asked Sarah Murray of Missoula to direct the choir, and offered her a solo part as inducement. She has proven to be an amazing director and, in addition, has a beautiful voice, according to Cates. 

Many others have contributed to the epic production by choir, orchestra, soloists, and narrators. 

There is no cost to attend a performance. All free will donations will be accepted to help in restoring the St. Ignatius Mission Church's historic frescoes, which are in danger of cracking and slipping. 

Performances will all start at 7:30 p.m. at the following locations: Sunday, March 18, at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3201 Bancroft in Missoula; Thursday, March 22, at St. Anthony’s Church, 217 Tremont, in Missoula; and March 23 and 24 at St. Ignatius Mission Church in St. Ignatius.

The more than 100 participants are of different faiths. Performers have shared churches to practice in and will perform at four different venues. There will be a Native American component with a young Native American girl singing a solo in her own language and dress.

Cates hopes the message people get from this musical is that Jesus Christ offers hope for the world, that each of us can be healed from our personal struggles and pain, and that death is not the end. 


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