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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Feb. 20

Tuesday Moonlighters  

High Scratch Game:  Nick Dellwo266

High Handicap Game:        Nick Dellwo  293

High Scratch Series: Ross Woods  687

High Handicap Series:  Jeff Nelson  730

Wednesday Mixed


High Scratch Game:  Ross Woods  259

High Handicap Game:  Ross Woods  274

High Scratch Series:  Ross Woods  692

High Handicap Series:  Ross Woods  737


High Scratch Game:  Steph Brown  226

High Handicap Game:  Jo Durand  273

High Scratch Series:  Steph Brown  609

High Handicap Series:  Steph Brown  729

Thursday Trio


High Scratch Game:  Darrel Rogers         237

High Handicap Game:  Darrel Rogers         266

High Scratch Series:  Darrel Rogers         651

High Handicap Series:  Darrel Rogers         738


High Scratch Game:  Vicki Erickson         210

High Handicap Game:  Vicki Erickson        277

High Scratch Series:  Vicki Erickson        541

High Handicap Series:  Vicki Erickson        742

Friday Mixed


High Scratch Game:  Darrel Rogers        205

High Handicap Game:  Jeff Knutson         255

High Scratch Series:  Matt Graves          573

High Handicap Series:  Greg Linse            707


High Scratch Game:  Lisa Bagoisan       203

High Handicap Game:  Lisa Bagoisan      255

High Scratch Series:  Alana Bahe          551

High Handicap Series:  Alana Bahe          752

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