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Charlo boys, girls win district track titles

By Rob Zolman

Valley Journal

MISSOULA – The Charlo Vikings boys and girls both won the District 14C Track and Field Championships in Missoula on Friday and Saturday, with the Viking boys taking the District 14C title for the 16th consecutive season.

Winning multiple titles for Charlo were Tyrah Hammond in the 100-meter (13.30), 200-meter (27.37) and 400-meter (1:02:81); Destiny Manuel in the 800-meter (2:42.72) and 1600-meter (6:26.12); Carlee Fryberger in the 100-meter hurdles (16.24) and triple jump (35-1.75); Landers Smith in the 100-meter (12.04), 200-meter (24.50) and pole vault (12-0); Toby Odom in the 110-meter hurdles (17.56) and in the 300-meter hurdles (43.64) and rounding out the multi-title winners for the Vikings, Wills DeGrandpre in the 1600-meter (4:50.45) and in the 3200-meter (10:47.51).

Also winning individual titles were Allie Delaney in the 300-meter hurdles (52.00), Kira McPhail in the high jump (4-6), Kaitlin Cox in the long jump (16-1.5) and Bridger Foust  in the 800-meter (2:14.38).

The Vikings swept the relay races with the girls wining the 4x100 in a time of 52.57 and the 4x400 in 4:36.53, while the boys notched times of 46.35 in the 4x100 and 3:44.92 in the 4x400.

Among the state qualifiers for Charlo were event champions Carlee Fryberger in the 100-meter hurdles and triple jump, Kaitlin Cox in the long jump, Landers Smith in the pole vault as well as the girl’s 4x100 relay and Kaitlin Cox in the triple jump.

Arlee finished fourth in girls and the fifth in boys in the team standings.

Capturing titles were Arlee’s Shawntaya Nelson in both the 3200-meter (14:01.61) and pole vault (8-9); and Peyton Lammerding in the shot put (33-0.5). 

Arlee's Shawntaya Nelson qualified for state in the pole vault. 

Class B-C Divisional will be held in Frenchtown May 17-18.

Charlo and Arlee boys who finished in the top six of their events:   

100-meter: Landers Smith (Charlo, 1st, 12.04), Toby Odom (Charlo, 3rd, 12.16)

200-meter: Landers Smith (Charlo, 1st, 24.50), Brock Tomlin (Charlo, 3rd, 26.27), Isaiah Allik (Charlo, 4th, 26.37), Darian Liberty (Charlo, 6th, 27.29)

400-meter: Isaiah Allik (Charlo, 2nd, 57.42), Colt Crawford (Arlee, 4th, 58.73) 

800-meter: Bridger Foust (Charlo, 1st, 2:14.38), Roper Edwards (Charlo, 2nd, 2:16.95), Darian Liberty (Charlo, 6th, 2:26.04)

1600-meter: Wills DeGrandpre (Charlo, 1st, 4:50.45), Bridger Foust (Charlo, 2nd, 5:07.20), Colt Crawford (Arlee, 3rd, 5:13.17), Roper Edwards (Charlo, 4th, 5:14.69) 

3200-meter: Wills DeGrandpre (Charlo, 1st, 10:47.51), Colt Crawford (Arlee, 3rd, 11:36.47) 

110-meter hurdles: Toby Odom (Charlo, 1st, 17.56), Garett Vaughn (Charlo, 2nd, 18.02)

300-meter hurdles: Toby Odom (Charlo, 1st, 43.64), Garett Vaughn (Charlo, 2nd, 45.50

4x100 relay: Charlo (1st, 46.35)

4x400 relay: Charlo (1st, 3:44.92)

Shot put: Sam Fowler (Arlee, 5th, 33-9) 

Discus: Riley Edwards (Charlo, 2nd, 102-2) 

Javelin: Brock Tomlin (Charlo, 4th, 122-10)

Pole vault: Landers Smith (Charlo, 1st, 12-0), Bridger Foust (Charlo, 2nd, 10-6; 3) Garett Vaughn (Charlo, 3rd, 10-0), Roper Edwards (Charlo, 4th, 9-6)

High jump: Darian Liberty (Charlo, 4th, 5-4), Isaiah Allik (Charlo,5th,  5-0), Brock Tomlin (Charlo, 6th, 5-0)

Long jump: Darian Liberty (Charlo, 5th, 16-9.5), Roper Edwards (Charlo, 6th, 16-7)

Triple jump: Darian Liberty (Charlo, 3rd, 37-7), Jason Miller (Arlee, 6th, 35-0)


Charlo and Arlee girls who finished in the top six of their events.   

100 meter: Tyrah Hammond (Charlo, 1st, 13.30), Carlee Fryberger (Charlo, 2nd, 13.40), Teaira Truman (Charlo, 6th, 31.66)

200 meter: Tyrah Hammond (Charlo, 1st, 27.37), Carlee Fryberger (Charlo, 2nd,  27.97), Teaira Truman (Charlo, 6th, 31.66)

400 meter: Tyrah Hammond (Charlo, 1st, 1:02.81), Allie Delaney (Charlo, 3nd, 1:07.56), Kira McPhail (Charlo, 4th, 1:08.77)

800 meter: Destiny Manuel (Charlo, 1st 2:42.72)

1600 meter: Destiny Manuel (Charlo, 1st, 6:26.12), Kamryn Caye (Charlo, 2nd, 6:37.46)

3200 meter: Shawntaya Nelson (Arlee, 1st, 14:01.61)

100-meter hurdles: Carlee Fryberger (Charlo, 1st, 16.24), Kaitlin Cox (Charlo, 2nd, 17.23), Allie Delaney (Charlo, 3rd, 18.63)

300-meter hurdles: Allie Delaney (Charlo, 2nd, 52.00), Kira McPhail (Charlo, 3rd, 53.71) 

4x100 relay: Charlo (1st, 52.57)

4x400 relay: Charlo (1st, 4:36.53)

Shot put: Peyton Lammerding (Arlee, 1st, 33-0.5), Liev Smith (Charlo, 4th, 28-9.25), Allie Delaney (Charlo, 6th, 27-8)

Discus: Peyton Lammerding (Arlee, 2nd, 97-3.25), Liev Smith (Charlo, 6th, 77-3.25)

Javelin: Liev Smith (Charlo, 6th, 78-9.5)

Pole vault: Shawntaya Nelson (Arlee, 1st, 8-9), Destiny Manuel (Charlo, 2nd, 8-6), Tyrah Hammond (Charlo, 3rd, 8-0), Liev Smith (Charlo, 4th, 5-0)

High jump: Kira McPhail (Charlo, 1st, 4-6)

Long jump: Kaitlin Cox (Charlo, 1st, 16-1.5), Saige Koetter (Arlee, 4th, 13-4.5)

Triple jump: Carlee Fryberger (Charlo, 1st, 35-1.75), Kaitlin Cox (Charlo, 2nd, 33-11.5), Mikayla Rieken (Arlee, 3rd, 29-3.5), Saige Koetter (Arlee, 6th, 27-1.5)

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