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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of May 6-12

The following teams did not bowl:


Tuesday Twisters


Wednesday Lucky Ladies

Lady Strikers  

Friday Night Mixed:


Monday Nite Fun Nite

Total # of Bowlers: 39

1st Place: Amber Marsee and Jeff Lulow

2nd Place: Nancy Smith and Dennis Krantz

3rd Place: Jerry Powell and Gary Plouffe

4th Place: Marie Bigby and Don Smith

5th Place: Linda Gerdts and Barb Plouffe


St. Luke Spring League


High Game Scratch:        Jim Schoenen203

High Game Handicap:  Brian Bocksnick236

High Series Series:        Jim Schoenen487

High Series Handicap:Taz Schoenen6310


High Game Scratch:       Darcy Hoffman       171

High Game Handicap:       Darcy Hoffman       265

High Series Scratch:       Liane Cliarmont       437

High Series Handicap:Jasmine Bocksnick664


Charlo Spring Mixed

High Team Game:       Can’t Beat the Young908

High Team Handicap:       Can’t Beat the Young2576


High Game Scratch:        Chris Hertz       199

High Game Handicap:  Joe Geldrich       289

High Series Scratch:        Chris Hertz       467

High Series Handicap:        Joe Geldrich       722


High Game Scratch:       Shiela Young      181

High Game Handicap       Heather Schreckgust 252

High Series Scratch:       Tasha Sinclair      500

High Series Handicap:Shiela Young     680

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