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Arlee June 6, 2018

ARLEE — The June meeting of the Arlee Senior Center board of directors will be held June 11, at 10:30 a.m. at the center. On July 1 we will begin the new fiscal year 2018-2019 with a new contract with Area VI Agency on Aging, a new budget

and new funding for the nutrition program. Anyone interested in the center or who wants to understand how we function is welcome to attend.

Bill Wright won the May $50 drawing for having lunches and/or dinners at

the senior center. He remembered at least once to write his name on the blue ticket and drop it in the drawing can.

    At our last board meeting we decided to forego the Fourth Saturday night prime rib dinners until the fall. Regular second and fourth Saturday night dinners will continue as in the past. We want to thank and recognize George Shick and Eden Morin for coming on several Saturday dinner nights to help with servings.  They were great help for our cook, and much appreciated by all.  They  were senior students at Arlee High School this past year and have both now graduated and are moving on to the next challenges in their lives. We wish them the best of everything in their futures.

    We won’t soon forget the frequent downpouring rain storms of the past week. Many of us have a good memory of being caught in a sudden downpour and running for the nearest store to get out of the deluge. The moisture is welcome to some, and a setback for others ... hopefully Mother Nature will calm down and give us a stretch of sunshine now.

    Lunch and dinner menus for the month of June:   

—   Wednesday, June 6: biscuits, gravy, corned beef hash 

—   Friday, June 8: taco-tater-tot casserole  

—   Saturday, June 9: baked ham, potato salad 

—   Monday, June 11: hamburger gravy on toast, mashed potatoes 

—   Wednesday, June 13: hot pork sandwich, potatoes, gravy  

—   Friday, June 15: macaroni and cheese with ham 

—   Monday, June 18: beef stew with vegetables, fry bread 

—   Wednesday, June 20: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes   

—   Friday, June 22: cowboy beans, cornbread 

—   Saturday, June 23: fourth Saturday evening dinner - roast turkey, dressing, yams, gravy 

— Monday, June 25: Indian tacos 

— Wednesday, June 27: meatloaf, onion-roasted potatoes  

— Friday, June 29: Philly sloppy Joes, chips, coleslaw; drawing for the $50 attendance reward

Lunches are served in June each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at noon. Vegetables, salad and/or fruit are served with meals, along with a dessert and coffee, tea, or milk. Meals are $4 for seniors 60 years and over. You do not have to be a senior citizen to enjoy lunches with us, so please come and for $5 you receive a full meal. Feel free to drop by; we will enjoy your company.

Please clip out this notice and keep it handy. 


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