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Twenty-four students receive diplomas

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St. Ignatius celebrated the 100th graduating high school class on Saturday as 24 graduates received diplomas. 

Joe McDonald graduated from the school in 1951. He was invited to give the graduation address in honor of the centennial. He said the students can achieve their dreams with hard work like many people who have graduated from the school before them. “Your goals can be achieved if you put your mind to it,” he said. 

Sophia Tolbert gave the valedictory address saying it wasn’t a day to be sad but to focus on accomplishments.  “As the 100th class, I hope we all go on to follow our dreams,” she said. Co-valedictorian Abbey Arlint said graduation was the beginning of their lives. 

Salutatorian Brooklin Hunt said she was going to make her speech “short and sweet” before the gym started to get hot. She thanked the community and families: “You all make a big difference in our lives,” she said. 

Retiring teachers Susan Batiuchok, with 37 years, and Lloyd Phillips, with 43 years, were both honored for their dedication to teaching.

The Class of 2018:

Levi Alexander II 

Christopher Anderson 

Abbey Arlint 

Augustus Bosley 

Warren Castor 

Meilani Decker 

Kaleb Durglo 

Michael Durglo III 

Mitchel Parker Jr 

Sierra Esslinger 

Donovan Garland 

Jessie Girsch 

Dana Goss-Dickie 

Tanner Hames

Brooklin Hunt

Colin Linsebigler 

Leila Marsh

Molly McGreevey 

Troy Mitchell

Kane Olson

Mitchel Parker Jr

Victoria Peterson  

Monique Smith

Shade Stevens

Sophia Tolbert

Scholarship Recipients

Levi Alexander: Aunt Gabrielle Alexander, SKC Tuition Waiver, 4-year CSKT Higher Education Scholarship

Abbey Arlint: Dixie State Presidential Scholarship 

Augustus Bosley: FVCC Northwest Montana Area Waiver

Warren Castor: GEAR UP/Trio Achievement Grant, Valley Bank Community Scholarship

Meilani Decker: SKC Tuition Waiver, Spokane Tribe Higher Education Grant

Kaleb Durglo: SKC Tuition Waiver, 4-year CSKT Higher Education ScholarshipMichael Durglo: SKC Tuition Waiver, 4-year CSKT Higher Education Scholarship

Sierra Rose Esslinger: Valley Bank Community Scholarship, Portland State University WUE Scholarship

Jessie Girsch: I love MSU Northern Scholarship

Dana Goss-Dickie: PRIDE Foundation, Cultural Diversity AwardBrooklinn Hunt: St. Ignatius Honors Scholar, MUS Honors Scholarship, MSU Award, Ken Rohrenbach/Lake County Job Service, PEO STAR Scholarship, Valley Bank Community Scholarship, Timber Products Manufacturing Association, MSU Northern SkillsUSA ScholarshipColin Linsebigler: SKC Tuition Waiver: 4-year CSKT Higher Education Scholarship

Leila Marsh: Coastal Carolina Scholar Award, Coastal Carolina University Scholar Award, Kleber-Springs Scholarship, Rocky Mountain Twist Family Scholarship, St. Ignatius Fire Department Auxiliary Scholarship, Valley Bank Community Scholarship

Molly McGreevey: Valley Bank Community Scholarship, UM Academic Achievement Award, Blackfoot Telecommunication Scholarship

Victoria Peterson: Valley Bank Community Scholarship, Portland State Univer

sity WUE Scholarship, Portland State Academic Scholarship

Shade Stevens: SKC Tuition Waiver 

Sophia Tolbert: St. Ignatius Honors Scholar, Sidney Allard Memorial Scholarship, Mission Valley Masonic Lodge Scholarship, Valley Bank Community Scholarship, Rosemary Miller/ St. Luke’s Scholarship, UM Academic Achievement Scholarship, Muralt Family Foundation Scholarship


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