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Ronan High School celebrates 74 graduates

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RONAN – Commencement speaker and teacher Clair Hibbs-Cheff called the 74 Ronan graduates, “the new hope of our community.” 

Hibbs-Cheff said the students should never give up on themselves, and they should “be each other’s keepers” by caring for one another as their lives move forward. 

In his speech, salutatorian Jacob Dresen advised his fellow graduates to find people who motivate them, to never give up, and to do their own personal best. He shared wisdom from his cross-country coach: “If you’re comfortable, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Valedictorian Hunter Peterson started his speech by expressing his gratitude to his family, friends, and teachers. “I’d like to acknowledge the incredible Mission Valley,” he added. “I couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else.”

The ceremony featured an honor song by Bigcrane Drum and performances by the school’s symphonic choir and jazz band.

Class of 2018:

Nicholas L Antoine

Jaelynn Kolby Askan

Braden Shawn Barber

Crystal Larae Barrows

Jeremiah J Berthelote

Seth Christian Bettwieser

Vincent L Bird-Webster

Trevor Jacob Blackburn

Brendon T Blood

Chase M Bocksnick

Ethan Alexander Brewer

Chris S Brooks

Morgan A Brooks

Ysabelle Lanelee Burland

Dan Cheff III

Seth M Cheff

Elijah H Chiefstick

Courtnee Aline Clairmont

Garrison P Corcoran 

Shailee M Courville

Emonie Niche Couture

Kaylynn L N Dalke

Cody L Davis 

Bailee N Delaurenti

Katlynn Deneault

Nathan Charlie Dennis

Aleena Dale DeRoche

Tanna Rae DesJarlais

Kiry N C Detwiler

Jacob P Dresen

Savanah Kristine Duell

Kianna Rae Louise Finley

Joseph J Fisher

Alex Eugene Frank

Talon R Frost

Teagan Marina Gray

Jaylyn Claire Hakes

Bryant C Hales

Gabrielle Dorie Houle

Kelea Ke’alohimakameaonalani Ilac

Tyler J Kelsch

Mary Jean Christine Lira

RayRobert Little Boy 

Michael James Martinez

Doug S Matt Jr.

Micalann R McCrea

Ezekiel M Misa

Samuel D Mocabee

Marissa M Mock

Brooklyn N Olson

Wesley I Pablo

Perry D Panzetanga

Hunter W Peterson

William P Phillips

Isiah J Pitzer

Thomas J Pretty On Top

Jarrett W.N. Richey

Brennan W Roullier

Katlyn C M Santos

Jordon Wayde Skelton Stevens

Spencer E Stagg

Sterling E Stagg

Jonathan Edward Stone

Shane C Symington

Coleman Gharret Taylor

Jaryn I Tenas

Anthony Jacob Velasco

Penni Ann Weyant

Grace Elizabeth WhiteWater

Shealyn Rose Whiting

Gabriella Elizia Wirz

Shade S. Woods

Katherine Irene Collette Workman

Susep V Zimmerer



Nicholas Antoine: SKC Tuition Waiver

Jaelynn Askan: SKC Tuition Waiver

Braden Barber: SKC Tuition Waiver

Crystal Barrows: SKC Tuition Waiver

Seth Bettwieser: Charles Arentzen $12,000, Excellence in Education $1,000, MUS Honors Waiver $40,000, Montana Code $4,000, CS REAL $1,200

Vincent Bird-Webster: Rocky Mountain College Dean $50,000, Montana State University Billings $750, SKC Tuition Waiver

Brendon Blood: University of Montana Western Football $10,000, Upward Bound Achievement Grant $1,500, SKC Tuition Waiver

Morgan Brooks: Trio Achievement Grant $1,500, Pepsi $500

Ysabelle Burland: SKC Tuition Waiver

Dan Cheff III: Elks Scholarship $1,000, Rocky Mountain College $60,000, Carroll College $30,000, College of Idaho $92,000, Samsung $1,500

Courtnee Clairmont: Leave a Legacy $500, Round Butte Future Stockman $50, Forrest Allen Family Ag $3,000, Don Aadsen Ford $1,000, 4H Council $500, West Feeds $1,000, Northwest College Livestock Judging $13,500

Garrison Corcoran: SKC Tuition Waiver

Emonie Couture: SKC Tuition Waiver

Bailee Delaurenti: Montana State University Premier $1,000, Concordia Presidential $96,000, Carroll Presidential $17,000

Nathan Dennis: George Fox Deans Scholar Award $52,000, George Fox Cinema Media Communications Award $1,000, Grand Canyon University $52,000, Valley Bank $300

Aleena DeRoche: SKC Tuition Waiver

Tanna DesJarlais: Arizona State University $8,580, University of Montana $770, University of Idaho $1,790, Tusculum College $10,750, Lane College $2,270, University of Denver $14,920, Hawaii Pacific University $15,075, Rocky Mountain College $16,760, Columbia College $17,310, University of Minnesota $1,440, Northeastern University $8,510, Raise Me Micro Award $100

Kiry Detwiler: Valley Bank $300

Jacob Dresen: Rosemary Miller Memorial (St Luke’s Healthcare) $500, American Legion Post 138 $75, K. William Harvey Memorial $1,000, Ronan Pablo Education Association $500

Savanah Duell: Montana State University Premier $1,000, Horatio Alger $10,000

Kianna Finley : Mark Ulmer Memorial $20,000, Carroll College Dean $12,000, Carroll College Presidential $56,000, Grand Canyon Dean $23,000, Grand Canyon Priority Award $4,000, Valley Bank $300, Mission Valley 3 on 3 $500, SKC Tuition Waiver

Joseph Fisher – SKC Tuition Waiver

Teagan Gray – Rocky Mountain School of Photography $5,500, Lindenwood University $12,000, Salon Professional Education Company $2,000, Valley Bank $300

Bryant Hales – Eastern Washington University Golden Eagle Award $50,000, Montana State Premier $1,000, Montana State University Billings Excellence $1,000, Ronan Pablo Education Association $250, Valley Bank $300

Gabrielle Houle – Trio Achievement Grant $1,500, Valley Bank $300, SKC Tuition Waiver

Kelea Ilac – Whitman Achievement $17,000, Lomen-Douglas $29,730, Regents $76,000, Montana Academic Achievemnt $3,000, Montana Advantage Award $2,000, Bishop George Leo $5,000, Bishop Carrol $76,000, University of Washington Purple and Gold $12,000, Concordia President $15,000, Future Leader’s $3,000, Puget Sound University President $22,000, Augustana University President $70,000, Whitworth Presidential $88,000, Diversity $2,000, Dell Scholars Program $20,000 and New Laptop Chegg $6,000

Tyler Kelsch – Lake County 4H $500, Rosemary Miller Memorial (St Luke Healthcare) $500, Heywood $500

Mary Lira – SKC Tuition Waiver

RayRobert Little Boy – SKC Tuition Waiver

Doug Matt Jr – SKC Tuition Waiver

Micalann McCrea – Montana Gear Up $1,500, Montana State University Billings $10,500, Montana State University Billings Excellence $1,000, Montana State University Billings Wells Fargo Bank Endowed $650

Sam Mocabee – GFWC Ronan Woman’s Club $500, Rosemary Miller Memorial (St Luke’s Healthcare) $500, Montana State University Premier $1,000, Valley Bank $300

Marissa Mock – Rocky Mountain College Presidential $52,000, Carroll College All-Saints Award $96,000, Ronan Pablo Education Association $250, Rocky Mountain Twist $300, Muralt Family Foundation $1,000, Valley Bank $300

Brooklyn Olson – Birdwell $5,600, Montana Academic Achievement $2,000, K. William Harvey Memorial $1,000, Montana State Women’s Golf Association $1,000, Valley Bank $300

Wesley Pablo – SKC Tuition Waiver

Perry Panzetanga – SKC Tuition Waiver

Hunter Peterson – Embry-Riddle Presidential $56,000, Rocky Mountain College Trustee $15,000, Rocky Mountain College Bear Grant $5,490, Rocky Mountain College Native American $4,652, University of North Dakota Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver $5,500, University of North Dakota Academic Achievement $6,000, Ronan Pablo Education Association $500, Valley Bank $300, SKC Tuition Waiver

William Phillips – SKC Tuition Waiver

Isiah Pitzer – SKC Tuition Waiver

Thomas Pretty On Top – University of Montana Marching Band $1,000, Pepsi $500, SKC Tuition Waiver

Jarrett Richey – Montana State University Premier $1,000, Mission Valley Masonic Lodge $1,000, Ebba Webb Memorial $500, Valley Bank $300, Rocky Mountain Twist $250, Mission Valley Shooting Club $200

Katlyn Santos – SKC Tuition Waiver

Jordon Skelton Stevens – SKC Tuition Waiver

Coleman Taylor – Crown College Dean $8,000, Carroll College Trustee $64,000, Valley Bank $300

Jaryn Tenas – SKC Tuition Waiver

Anthony Velasco – SKC Tuition Waiver

Penni Weyant – Trio Achievement Grant $1,500, Valley Bank $300, SKC Tuition Waiver

Shealyn Whiting – Valley Bank $300

Gabriella Wirz – Louise Lake Price $80,000 Valley Bank $300

Shade Woods – SKC Tuition Waiver

Susep Zimmerer- SKC Tuition Waiver



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