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Harrop's new direct care clinic to address high costs of medical care


I would venture to say that millions of people in America have been just waiting to hear the subject of this letter. And it is happening right here in the Mission Valley. This doctor and her new clinic address our healthcare system. It answers high insurance costs, high prescription drug costs, and the often very few minutes we actually have face time with our doctor during an appointment. This new Direct Primary Care clinic addresses all this and is opening in Polson this summer. As reported in the Valley Journal, “Local doctor Cara Harrop will provide an alternative to this system when she opens a pure Health DPC, direct primary care clinic, in Polson this summer.”

Personally, when I read about this in the article (June 6) it rang so true and timely to me for two reasons. First, Dr. Cara Harrop was my wife’s and my primary care physician for years after we moved here in the '90s. Next, a most qualified Dr. Harrop is breaking new ground that is needed and so timely in our field of traditional medical care.

There is so much more to learn about all this. What a breakthrough in America’s traditional medical system, though. And it is happening right here in the Mission Valley. This is so significant. We will be hearing and learning much more about DPC, Direct Primary Care, as time goes on. There is a website:

Bob McClellan

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