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Make your voice heard, vote


In working with Mission Valley Rises to get out the vote this year, I have heard from too many people that they do not plan to vote. Those who explain their position often say, “It doesn’t make any difference.” Historically, groups that have not voted have not had the power to have their concerns met – however serious those concerns may be. This is why African Americans and others risked their lives for the vote during the Civil Rights Movement. This is why generations of women fought for the right to vote. This is why questions of who may vote in this country are so critical, and why some groups actively pursue voter suppression. If you feel your vote does not make a difference, you should realize that your landlord votes; your boss votes; people who run businesses that pollute our land and waters vote. That is because the vote is an enormous power if it is used. If you care about how government policies affect your family and community, vote.

Gail Trenfield
St. Ignatius


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