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Dispatch calls go unanswered


I would like to ask the county commissioners a question.

Why don’t we have a dispatch for when we call the police? Don’t tell me we do. Because what we have is a joke.

I called in a couple times and the phones ring and ring and no one answers. Last night I called four times. I saw a black car over at the Folk Shop. They were stealing stuff. Their car was so full they couldn’t close their car trunk door. I called it in to dispatch and no one answered the phone. I call three more times and finally I got someone. This has happened several times. I found pills out by my garbage can. I call it in no one answered. I had to call Don Bell direct to get someone to check it out. This has happened so many times. Why don’t the people who run the dispatch answer the calls? Maybe we need new county commissioners to run things like they were before.

Bernadine Lovell
St. Ignatius


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