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Mining corporations should be responsible for cleanup


Here’s a question for Montanans: Do you think it’s acceptable for corporations to leave their hard rock mining sites in a state that requires perpetual treatment for the pollution they’ve created? “Perpetual.” That’s a long time. Who ultimately pays for that perpetual treatment? You do. The taxpayer. The mining corporations promise to do it, then dodge their responsibility. Every time. So why are the Republicans considering a special session of the legislature to kill I-186, the citizen’s initiative to address this very real problem? And isn’t it interesting that Republicans, who call for budgetary restraint, are perfectly willing to spend thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to quash this initiative before Montana citizens even have the chance to vote on it? Could it be that our Republican “representatives” care more about representing the interests of the corporations than they do about the interests of the taxpayers?

Eugene Beckes
St. Ignatius

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