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Rosendale smear campaign undeserved

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I wish to comment on the vicious campaign against Matt Rosendale, Republican candidate for senator, which is being viewed and broadcast on both TV and radio stations respectively. It is done in the same pattern which smeared Admiral Ronny Jackson by Jon Tester and as previously viewed it is certainly demeaning at the least.

Mr. Rosendale does not deserve the vilification he is encountering both on TV and radio stations which run the ad. He has served his state admirably both as the Senate Majority Leader in 2014 and in 2016 as Montana’s state auditor. He has been an elected official for the State of Montana for eight years. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding the legislative process and has a good record of reducing spending and regulations; he has worked with timber management to air in fire suppression and to promote continued diligence to help our state recover from past and future fires. In other words, Mr. Rosendale is a doer. Mr. Tester is a disgrace to our state. I voted for him when he first joined the political scene. But never since. Did he ever change. We need a sincere individual in office and I believe Mr. Rosendale can do the job and contribute to making America a country to be proud of.

Mary Matheidas

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