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Trashing the trash: let’s be responsible


Sometimes the government operates and runs things that rub me raw. But then again sometimes they do things that needs to be commended – like the public library and container sites.

In the '70s we lived in the Swan Valley and had to haul our garbage to Missoula. It was sometimes a smelly situation.

Anyway, here at Proctor the county installed a very good container site. Done it up right. Then along comes a few irresponsible people and broke down the gates in front of the containers and ripped the steel posts out of the concrete. Then to add insult to injury, sometimes they leave big items hanging over the edge so the driver has to figure out how to close the lid. You’d think people would be more appreciative and thankful they have this facility.

Perhaps the county should know to have someone watch this thing on the 5th of July. It was an awful mess.

Dale Terrillion

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