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The future is what we make it


Trump is not the problem. America is not ruled by a king who can do what he wants when he wants and hand pick or dispose of his henchmen according to his mood.

Well, maybe I am wrong. The checks and balances system in our government was set up to prevent such an occurrence by one in power but our forefathers lacked the insight to see what our political landscape would become.

Watching Daines standing behind the other Republican leaders who assembled in Russia as flower girls for the upcoming Trump visit makes the history lessons I have lived through and the witnessed actions of past presidents, Republican or Democrat, fade.

But again it is not Trump’s fault. Nor is it the fault of diehard party faithful who now put party attachment ahead of personal integrity, character, truthfulness and act with the belief their job is being performed for their gain, not our nation’s gain.

The fault is ours. We elect who serves. We choose what news we want to hear and what news we want to reject. As was said in a movie line by a portrayed Senator from Montana, “Truth is what I say it is.”

A choice to believe with a self-imposed ignorance rather than a search for the facts lets you pass the responsibility on to others. You can stay silent and obedient and not have to tell your party with your vote they have crossed the line. Vote the way you are told.

The future ahead is what we make it for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, unless we do nothing and let others with a different agenda make it for us.

Rich Bell


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