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Current political environment dangerous to democracy


Does history repeat itself? Take a look at this from the “History Learning Site.” Back in 1925, the issue of a movement called “Blood and Soil” (Brut und Boden) nearly split the German Nazi party. This was ultimately resolved at the Bamberg Conference held in 1926.

Hitler wanted to emphasize the relationship between the Aryans and a rural life. He preached that “Germans came from the soil.” Nazi party men like Gregor and Otto Strasser, however, wanted to move the party from the “Brut und Boden” theme to attract more support in urban areas.

Hitler’s vision won at the Bamberg Conference, with Hitler blaming the decline of rural communities on the Jews. Hitler’s large base was energized and emboldened. The rest is history. Living through this, personally, with our family’s deep and intense dinner table conversations made a deep impression upon me, even at my young age.

Fast forward to today, to the GOP, to the deep divisions which began in earnest even before Donald Trump was campaigning. Trump’s belittling others and castigating present politics and policies only ramped up these deep divisions and attracted a solid base.

Many people in America are unhappy with their lives. They were quickly drawn to Trump’s rhetorical movement which told them to blame others for their problems. Blame those not like yourselves. Blame the present White House. Blame the present politicians in America, and believe in all manner of self-serving solutions and isolationist theories and policies.

The facts are clear. The momentum is scary. This momentum toward fear-filled divides, narrow and restrictive policies, rule by an authoritative leader, and restricting the power of “We the People” is real. As so many people are now realizing and saying: “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy and way of life in America.”

Bob McClellan


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